My *BIG* Announcement!
The *END* of Fortnite...
Grumpycatgamez Pred 7 urami
Ramin Mohamadi
Ramin Mohamadi Pred 7 urami
Hi every one cube except gold and blue cube because we saved the blue cube and what if the gold cube is the original cube but we saw it destroy but that was the reality 1or 2
Ramin Mohamadi
Ramin Mohamadi Pred 7 urami
Thegoodhero 2011
Thegoodhero 2011 Pred 7 urami
ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ ᶠᵘⁿ ᶠᵃᶜᵗ:fortnite 5 years old because fortnite was released 2016
Lorette De Vries
Lorette De Vries Pred 7 urami
Bacoon beever thing
AJM Gaming
AJM Gaming Pred 7 urami
21,000 happy birthday to fortnight
Masked gamer and player
Masked gamer and player Pred 7 urami
whys my bird a skin
Stunfisk The useless
Stunfisk The useless Pred 8 urami
I know what they did it’s like a ice king and omega combination
Jason Wittlin
Jason Wittlin Pred 8 urami
Weird question Ali, so when the mother ship abducted the zero point we exploded the mother ship so what happened to the zero point if it was in the mother ship? Cuz we need the zero point to keep the map alive. I just can get my mind off what may have happened to the zero point. And if ya can make a video on theories about what may have happened to it cuz we didn’t see it land anywhere but if it exploded the map is gonna just idk turn into a disaster.
MFR Playz
MFR Playz Pred 8 urami
I have never met anyone else who likes pineapple on pizza :)
Ravanger 21
Ravanger 21 Pred 8 urami
the skin at 5:46 is a shadow variant
Fishyleader Floppo
Fishyleader Floppo Pred 8 urami
I just love it when the notification pops up “someone liked your comment” or “you have got a new subscriber” it makes me so happy 👇🏝🧢
Randy Rivera
Randy Rivera Pred 8 urami
I'm just amazed how a lot of fortnite SLusrs barely no stuff about fortnite. How in the world did you not know that there's an edit style for Fabio's spoon pickaxe. As a viewer I'm expecting fortnite SLusrs to know everything about fortnite that's why they're fortnite SLusrs, but I guess I was wrong lol smh🤦🏻‍♂️
temo tevdoradze
temo tevdoradze Pred 8 urami
10 years yes of cours
Eddy Nunez
Eddy Nunez Pred 8 urami
Yesterday there was a glitch in the alien crash sites when you would open chest it'll give 2000xp its fixed now but that was so cool I went from lv 30 to lv 50 on the battle pass
Ollie Ward
Ollie Ward Pred 9 urami
if that Midas comes i will probably try a million ways 2 get it
Explosive_Magma Pred 9 urami
Show Fortnite that we want omega king as a style not a new skin
ashy and jonesey fun place and hi rick
ashy and jonesey fun place and hi rick Pred 9 urami
Cliam your here before19 hours tivket
Riley Hunter
Riley Hunter Pred 9 urami
10 out of 10
Daniel Hahn Conradsen
Daniel Hahn Conradsen Pred 9 urami
Pineapple on pizza is amazing. If you don’t like it i don’t agree with your opinion
usecodejustice vlogs
usecodejustice vlogs Pred 9 urami
Hayley Davies
Hayley Davies Pred 9 urami
Wait a week I'm level 40
Legandary Beast
Legandary Beast Pred 9 urami
Thats Mega Omega
Golden Eagle Gaming
Golden Eagle Gaming Pred 10 urami
Fun fact: Epic do NOT know what to do for the season 9!
Robert Groves
Robert Groves Pred 10 urami
SxnkjwezbhghjkooRobert Groves djahd. U gl
Robert Groves
Robert Groves Pred 10 urami
Gfurive day hdhjd pn jejgsn🐺
Robert Groves
Robert Groves Pred 10 urami
Hiccup oh
roman bautistaty hobo
roman bautistaty hobo Pred 10 urami
I loved omega to pretty ready for it to come back
Stephanie Ward
Stephanie Ward Pred 10 urami
We already have a toon fishstick
Red jolt
Red jolt Pred 10 urami
I heard “we want the chapter 1 map back” 193726272527266 times
Adam Ayash
Adam Ayash Pred 10 urami
Rowan Beaumont
Rowan Beaumont Pred 10 urami
NickEh30 Moments
NickEh30 Moments Pred 10 urami
I just love it when the notification "someone liked your comment" or "you got a new subscribers" it make me so happy🤗
Natasha Hardy
Natasha Hardy Pred 10 urami
I liked and subscribe
AspectKnight Pred 11 urami
Am I the only one who would pay epic to collab with Star Wars and make a Darth Vader skin?
TRL Fungi488
TRL Fungi488 Pred 11 urami
That was IO the whole time
Mr. Everything
Mr. Everything Pred 11 urami
Ali didn't know what a sloth was. I'm done
Biglionmaster7 Pred 11 urami
1000th comment
DefualtGamer301 Pred 11 urami
Who thinks cube assassin is the secret skin the outline look the same
Auora Pred 11 urami
7:27 I don’t like that skin
Louie Pashen
Louie Pashen Pred 11 urami
Renegade wader lol 10:22
Sims and Skylanders
Sims and Skylanders Pred 11 urami
That Omega skin looks like it landed in the Godfall universe or something
AbsoluteWimp Pred 11 urami
5:53 I swear it looks like that red guy from don’t hug me I’m scared.
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger Pred 11 urami
I have original omega
Loz817 Pred 12 urami
Wenagade waider
dalton shreve
dalton shreve Pred 12 urami
Why did he stop playing Minecraft or pixelmon at least Can you please do some Minecraft content someday
Muhamed Lokvancic
Muhamed Lokvancic Pred 12 urami
Onl6 a spoonful
MFG NOAH Pred 12 urami
The omega is so cool i hope it comes like if you want it to come also
Muhamed Lokvancic
Muhamed Lokvancic Pred 12 urami
69 nice nice nice nice nice
Joel Piazza
Joel Piazza Pred 12 urami
Faze fearaleasha
Faze fearaleasha Pred 12 urami
Deja Perez
Deja Perez Pred 12 urami
SinXz Pred 12 urami
You guys gonna think im weird but the best meme skin is tunna fish I always were it😂
lewis Pred 12 urami
10:23 “and there’s olmly one thing that matters and that’s the Renagade WADER💀😭😭
Krystian Kazubek
Krystian Kazubek Pred 12 urami
Rohit Mungroo
Rohit Mungroo Pred 12 urami
Pepe Memes Gaming
Pepe Memes Gaming Pred 13 urami
James Wells
James Wells Pred 13 urami
For CREATIVE 2.0 and the Memory Issue on the big XL maps. Allow players to leave one map and go seamlessly and directly to another connected map, without having to go through the Creative Hub. As you're playing on Map A, you walk through a door or rift and the player enters Map B without even knowing they've completely changed to a different map. Connect maps by rift or whatever method and Creative mapmakers will leave running out of memory with their maps behind... by simply going to the next connected Map B and start all over with new map memory to continue their creations. If we can't have maps with unlimited memory or just 400k to 500k memory... GIVE US SEAMLESS CONNECTED CREATIVE MAPS!!! EPIC gives us larger and larger Maps with the same limited map memory!! And the way EPIC handles large XL memory now doesn't work in all creations. Fortnite Makers and coders have unlimited map memory for creating the Big Main Public BR Fortnite Map. Can you imagine what Creative Map Pros could do with Memory Connected Creative Maps!!!
Chandler Hudson
Chandler Hudson Pred 13 urami
That ain't ariana that's juice wrld
Pepe Memes Gaming
Pepe Memes Gaming Pred 13 urami
Ghost M
Ghost M Pred 13 urami
That omega skin might remind some Warframe players of chroma prime
Olivia Clovar
Olivia Clovar Pred 13 urami
The nutty parsnip connoly queue because french industrially poke atop a known cotton. xenophobic, profuse swan
Jacob Lamb
Jacob Lamb Pred 13 urami
i have the membership in fortnite
Jadon Joyce
Jadon Joyce Pred 13 urami
Love the video keep it up
Melanie Davis
Melanie Davis Pred 13 urami
Alia : 2:05 half of these people dont see me Me: but there’s 3 of them?
aerobic_chief Pred 13 urami
imagine people unsubscribing after hearing that alia likes pineapple on pizza
stupidboy Alex
stupidboy Alex Pred 14 urami
ive been playing fortnite since it came out but i had too make a new account on nintendo switch in chapter 2 season 5
Deadpool Pred 14 urami
Season 8 i will rate it 11/20
Desirea Lacross
Desirea Lacross Pred 14 urami
No hate but Alia that’s a 🦥 sloth
Ethan Kalan
Ethan Kalan Pred 14 urami
Ali: I like pineapple on pizza Me: unsubscribed
Lanze Hunter
Lanze Hunter Pred 14 urami
 Ima cute bunny
Ima cute bunny Pred 14 urami
I love pinaple on pizza too
Zero_ 111
Zero_ 111 Pred 14 urami
Alia the cubes at the crash sites are moving and spreading the corruption
Zoid Playz Games
Zoid Playz Games Pred 14 urami
I accidentally did all the challenges..
juniors27 Pred 14 urami
Nice video
Mr. Ratanak An
Mr. Ratanak An Pred 14 urami
Why dose the skin before the toy fish stick skin look like an anime skin🧐🧐🧐🧐
Burtlux Pred 14 urami
Bruh,that golden cube is going to buy some milk just like real life lol