*ALL* Fortnite Cinematic Season Trailers! (Season 1 - Season 18)

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Fortnite Cinematic Season Trailers Season 1 - 18!
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CohenNator323 Pred uro
Ysulieman Pred 23 urami
Do you know that every skin that has the default Jonesey face was actually a snapshot of Jonesey going inside the loop and leaving
Ysulieman Pred 23 urami
I saw something creepy you see there’s a purple star in that same exact purple star was used in nexus war there was galactics in the season 10 trailer
Mario Gaona
Mario Gaona Pred 6 dnevi
Really cool
Pred 8 dnevi
Can I please have a skin due to number biggest fan please my thing is Heisenberg 719 please
John Carl Ortiz
John Carl Ortiz Pred 9 dnevi
16:02 imagine being that guy in the picture
Eric Gogoasa
Eric Gogoasa Pred 9 dnevi
put feedback on epic games and tell them to make a film about fortnite that would be epic
Not Human
Not Human Pred 10 dnevi
Fortilla was me and my friends favorite spot
Max Prati
Max Prati Pred 11 dnevi
Were was season 8 chapter 2
ImManati Pred 12 dnevi
Fun Fact: Chief was shooting the Scar like the Assault rifle from halo
glockslayer99 Pred 13 dnevi
We have an upside down or also caled the real world and we have the loop and we have the sideways we do not know anything about the sideways
Gamer88 S
Gamer88 S Pred 14 dnevi
Season 5 and season 6 were the best
Stephanee Rodgers
Stephanee Rodgers Pred 14 dnevi
8 100000000000/10
Michael Villasenor
Michael Villasenor Pred 15 dnevi
Yeah they were
Michael Villasenor
Michael Villasenor Pred 15 dnevi
Aliens in season seven were my favorite
Tiffany Remillard
Tiffany Remillard Pred 15 dnevi
Ashley McFarlane
Ashley McFarlane Pred 15 dnevi
I like season 4/2both chapter 2
TTBSA GAMING Pred 15 dnevi
I agree season two chapter 2 was a great season
Kayden Peterson
Kayden Peterson Pred 15 dnevi
Marshmallowdevil Pred 16 dnevi
My favourite seasons were season X chapter 2 season 2 chapter 2 and chapter 2 season 4 But I loved the chapter 2 season 1 trailer :D
Yellow!!!! Boi
Yellow!!!! Boi Pred 16 dnevi
What if Jonesy is one of the seven
NotAProFN Pred 16 dnevi
Aditya Karra
Aditya Karra Pred 16 dnevi
11:20 Ali-A saying the one thing that I have been trying to say for over a year. Finally relieved that he mentioned it.
FadedNova Pred 16 dnevi
I’m triggerd you have season 4 10/10 but didn’t give season 5 the literal best season a 100/10
Amy Shee
Amy Shee Pred 16 dnevi
I miss the old days
Lucas Mallare
Lucas Mallare Pred 16 dnevi
13:43 they literally put a gas station on fire
Devangi Dave
Devangi Dave Pred 17 dnevi
Did you know that who Jones is acc calling doctor Slone in C2 S5
Ayden plays
Ayden plays Pred 17 dnevi
Also I thought cats hated water
Mooshoos 101
Mooshoos 101 Pred 18 dnevi
Rip my friends
PandemoniumXGaming Pred 18 dnevi
I pause it on chapter 2 season 6 live event right at the moment where it's showed the portal with the realistic fn map! Its crazy
Candace Da Costa
Candace Da Costa Pred 18 dnevi
I started playing at the first chaper and season
Tekin YAPAR Pred 18 dnevi
OrbitNaut Pred 19 dnevi
I’m thinking slone is geno because the name is doctor slone and all doctors have their last name as their work name i guess but yeah. geno slone kinda catchy. Also we don’t know the sisters yet?
numo roblox
numo roblox Pred 19 dnevi
C1 season 7 and c2 season 1 where my favs
Nozza-Aus Pred 19 dnevi
My favourite had to be chapter two season 4
Orange plays games
Orange plays games Pred 19 dnevi
I’ve been here
Mohamed Maher
Mohamed Maher Pred 19 dnevi
I give chapter 2 season 6 a 2/10 the guns and animals were disgusting
Mohamed Maher
Mohamed Maher Pred 19 dnevi
Also our favorite cat died and peely
Patrick Nelson
Patrick Nelson Pred 20 dnevi
am i the only one in the world that actually mains the crackshot skin?!
Played Out
Played Out Pred 20 dnevi
The flooded map got annoying after 3 weeks
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Pred 20 dnevi
Was the bunker part of io
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Pred 20 dnevi
Ice berg
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Pred 20 dnevi
One restaurant no one talk about fork knife
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Pred 20 dnevi
The durr burger tomato left
Daniella Ristevski
Daniella Ristevski Pred 20 dnevi
whens season 8 comeing
The four drama boys
The four drama boys Pred 20 dnevi
I think theres gonna be a movie for every chapter
Anna B
Anna B Pred 20 dnevi
Who else is exited for the new season🤔🤔🤷🏾‍♀️
Anna B
Anna B Pred 20 dnevi
Hit the like button if Ali a. Makes you feel better when you watch his videos
Adrianne Behlke-Stai
Adrianne Behlke-Stai Pred 20 dnevi
I love your videos Goop87
JL Boys
JL Boys Pred 21 dnevom
Fortnite should be a movie
Justice The littlekitty
Justice The littlekitty Pred 21 dnevom
Uh oh tfue in trouble 😂
Merav Daniel
Merav Daniel Pred 21 dnevom
Pro 😎
OBKidz Pred 21 dnevom
Preston Hacked your Fortnite acout
Danielle Alexander
Danielle Alexander Pred 21 dnevom
They should make a fortnite movie
Star Wars coffee
Star Wars coffee Pred 22 dnevi
Which is worse ufo spammers or mechs, me idk I didn’t play back when mechs were in game
Darth Boba Fett
Darth Boba Fett Pred 22 dnevi
Galactus is at 6:29 at the top of the screen. Can’t believe they teased him so early!!!
Darth Boba Fett
Darth Boba Fett Pred 22 dnevi
@Duhroker That was inbetween all times
Duhroker Pred 22 dnevi
I doubt it was him. Galactus only came to the island after The End event. It wouldnt make sense for him to be in the trailer when The Event hadnt happened yet.
Christian Bordeaux
Christian Bordeaux Pred 22 dnevi
I loved season 9
God gamer
God gamer Pred 22 dnevi
Next do events all events
Sonof _anutcracke
Sonof _anutcracke Pred 22 dnevi
If bunker Jonesey is a ghost and then bunker Jones’s island dead
Bryan Vlogs
Bryan Vlogs Pred 22 dnevi
Did he just say he liked the primal stuff bruh
Jamie Kinnin
Jamie Kinnin Pred 22 dnevi
Bro I saw him
FishyToons Pred 23 dnevi
What if doctor slone is the geno
Bobby Boca
Bobby Boca Pred 23 dnevi
chapter two season two was the best season
Stefano Cipollone
Stefano Cipollone Pred 23 dnevi
String line you can share another person playing fortnite
Pred 23 dnevi
The best is chapter 2 season 2 and chapter 2 season 2 is the best season ever
5uper_ Pred 23 dnevi
Chapter 2 Season 4 was so bad breh
Sky games
Sky games Pred 23 dnevi
I loved the a season 18 trailer
iconic Pred 23 dnevi
16:02 to me that looks like unreal engine 5
Jayden Bearcroft
Jayden Bearcroft Pred 24 dnevi
Yo Alea you know what they’re in there in the mothership
L1lf Pred 24 dnevi
Fun fact: he changed the thumbnail
Gorp Pred 25 dnevi
Season 18?
Kylan Walton
Kylan Walton Pred 25 dnevi
I’m so glad you mentioned if Fortnite should make a live action film I’ve been thinking about it for days and days I would love for them to make one 😍
Archit :D
Archit :D Pred 25 dnevi
Who remembers the c2 s4 comic at the battlepass tab
Archit :D
Archit :D Pred 25 dnevi
right when you see the rocket in season X you can see a bit of the mothership
Archit :D
Archit :D Pred 25 dnevi
and at start of c2 s2 the red markers look like the c2 s4 sentinels
Wolf Van De Walle
Wolf Van De Walle Pred 25 dnevi
can you gift me something my username is pegasus8.0 . i like your videos plz
sus Pred 25 dnevi
Did u know the io is actually under water??
Jamie Taylor-wicks
Jamie Taylor-wicks Pred 25 dnevi
Chapter 2 season 3 that trailer has a new vehicle in the bottom left of the fortilla
Tony Kent
Tony Kent Pred 25 dnevi
I think when the Ray hit the seven he lost consciousness and next season he might be arriving back to the Fortnite island
FireWolfFire Pred 25 dnevi
Hold up in chapter 2 season 1 like who built all the buildings cause they got teleported to a diffrent universe plus those 4 people were only the 4 people like pleasant and retail no one built those right cause those poi got transported so who built lazy lake and slurpy swamp??
Ляйсан Валишева
Ляйсан Валишева Pred 25 dnevi
MV rất hay, i like it 😴😒✋
Zachary Sparks
Zachary Sparks Pred 26 dnevi
The sisters ar doctor slones and her dubuls
Maxiplayz Pred 26 dnevi
Season 2 chapter 2 was not arguably the best it is the best
Thenoncykid Pred 26 dnevi
My favourite season was defo season 2 chapter 2
SriVatsa Gamer
SriVatsa Gamer Pred 26 dnevi
My favorite season was chapter 2 season 5 cup lexa and all the hunters and mando Orin took lexa is my favorite so far
Mr. Doggo 24
Mr. Doggo 24 Pred 26 dnevi
If you jump in one of the big poofy bushes in fortnite you will not take fall damage
COLDSavageGOD Pred 26 dnevi
The title says cinematic trailers for Seasons 1-18.....when it's actually 4-17...*sigh* -_-
Ashton Edmund
Ashton Edmund Pred 26 dnevi
sachin koehil
sachin koehil Pred 26 dnevi
its me ali a
XmanuXbeastZ XoX
XmanuXbeastZ XoX Pred 26 dnevi
7 was the most familar season ever
Rachel Foulkes
Rachel Foulkes Pred 26 dnevi
Did you now in the season17 trailer Kevin flew out of the spire
Jonathan Mungufeni
Jonathan Mungufeni Pred 26 dnevi
Did anyone notice Deadpool when peely was changing
The dark Roasted chicken
The dark Roasted chicken Pred 26 dnevi
What is the blue juice peelys drinking
Adwaith Anish
Adwaith Anish Pred 26 dnevi
Looking at that infinity blade makes me nostalgic I remember when I used to play Infinity Blade 1, 2, and 3 on my IPad
C Cross
C Cross Pred 26 dnevi
Unreal engine 5 comes out September 12th 2021 don’t believe just Google it rn that’s why that scene looks like a live action fortnite movie but it’s just the next gen graphics!
Zweverig Pred 26 dnevi
When you stop by the news reporter you see in the background ufo that was realy coming out in the middel From the season
Cole Shultz
Cole Shultz Pred 26 dnevi
C2 s4 i hated that season
Sasuke uchiha
Sasuke uchiha Pred 27 dnevi
Mc. Flappingbird
Mc. Flappingbird Pred 27 dnevi
midas never died, as he could be seen in the black panther thing.
the mahn
the mahn Pred 27 dnevi
you said the chapter 2 season 8 trailer would be in here:(
Kid Kid
Kid Kid Pred 27 dnevi
My favourite season is season 8
Angela Pedraza
Angela Pedraza Pred 27 dnevi
I just noticed those bunkers is probably a way to the io base that's why their locked
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