*NEW* Fortnite Chapter 1 Map Is RETURNING! (Here's Why)

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Fortnite Chapter 1 Map Returning - Here's Why
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Red jolt
Red jolt Pred 10 urami
I heard “we want the chapter 1 map back” 193726272527266 times
StoleYourkKEk87 Pred 2 dnevi
or that the chapter 1 map is in australia and the chapter 2 map is in the uk
PERFECTION Pred 3 dnevi
Old map is the best
Blackwaltz 313
Blackwaltz 313 Pred 5 dnevi
If you tell me that Im telling you you're full of it lol
NJ Meyer
NJ Meyer Pred 6 dnevi
Man I would love it if they brought it back
A.1TRAPPY Pred 6 dnevi
If it does come the graphic won't be the same and the looks on the gun and it won't be the same
JackHall Pred 13 dnevi
I think that the game is in a loop and every 10 seasons it will changes maps and the characters are trying to break the loop
Colton Edwards
Colton Edwards Pred 13 dnevi
I hope we go back to many memories from chapter one
Jackafett - Minecraft Redstone Tutorials
Jackafett - Minecraft Redstone Tutorials Pred 14 dnevi
it didnt comeback
Cryptic Pred 8 dnevi
Chapter 3 it could return
Sufix Pred 14 dnevi
I hope they do what’s apex does with map rotations
TheZayManNerfer Pred 15 dnevi
It’s been debunked
Everett M
Everett M Pred 15 dnevi
I haven’t played fortnite since the Midas season and I played the live event today and if your theory is true then fortnite might go back to being one of the best games right now.
Rcxlss Pred 15 dnevi
The UFO just crashed😳
Jax 81
Jax 81 Pred 6 dnevi
It didn’t come back sadly
Rcxlss Pred 15 dnevi
@CONAN I don’t play fortnite as much as I used to but I’ll be so happy I’ll play again
CONAN Pred 15 dnevi
@Rcxlss i cant wait
Rcxlss Pred 15 dnevi
@CONAN that’s what I’m sayinnn!!!
CONAN Pred 15 dnevi
bro his theory is true
Lxchy x
Lxchy x Pred 15 dnevi
I think chunks of the OG map are coming back they won’t fully bring it back the only time fortnite will bring back the full OG map is when fortnite is dying and they don’t have many players left I don’t see epic bringing it back like that
mitzuu Pred 15 dnevi
esti nebun rau da tort ali a daca ai dreptate
Rick Gaming
Rick Gaming Pred 14 dnevi
@the endermans nah
pententen Pred 15 dnevi
da tata
Mr Spirit
Mr Spirit Pred 15 dnevi
Da tata
Tripizz Pred 15 dnevi
Sărim din ghete
the endermans
the endermans Pred 15 dnevi
RS-KENNZ pe shop
Adam Ghumrawi
Adam Ghumrawi Pred 15 dnevi
His voice reminds me of being in the lunch room of my school just watching his video about the new chapter 1 season 6 battle pass.
Adam Ghumrawi
Adam Ghumrawi Pred 15 dnevi
It’s just ingrained in my brain
KadenTalksSports Pred 18 dnevi
Also it’s tilted in the loading screen
Wither storm222
Wither storm222 Pred 19 dnevi
Cant what for chapter 1 map
TDR Pred 20 dnevi
I think in chapter 1 that bunker was the mothership that was under the map that would of came to surface
Nicolas Lahaie
Nicolas Lahaie Pred 20 dnevi
I only disliked because I don't want it back also his theory
KadenTalksSports Pred 18 dnevi
If you don’t want the only thing that will save the game then you never played prime fort
Zelaq Pred 20 dnevi
We need Ali.A skin
AyyPotato 333
AyyPotato 333 Pred 21 dnevom
Is that a dipudoculus
Jentler Pred 22 dnevi
Just a continuation to that, in the end he said that there are underground IO bases. What if the bunkers from the chapter 1 map are actually the way you go in and out of these bases?
THS Jeison ✔
THS Jeison ✔ Pred 23 dnevi
Brayan Martinez
Brayan Martinez Pred 23 dnevi
yea your right dude it might come back and i would love it
LevaithanEdvin Pred 24 dnevi
I hope it happens
Alberto Pred 24 dnevi
Wait what if it keeps repeating so we will go into chapter 1 then chapter 2 again when all the seasons are over then it keeps repeating wait....
Rob Samson
Rob Samson Pred 24 dnevi
POPbrocks Pred 24 dnevi
why don't they just do what apex did and just do map rotation
Foldify Pred 25 dnevi
If they brought the game back to how it was, old graphics, old sounds, I'd play again.
you weird tbh
you weird tbh Pred 15 dnevi
@marsig no too many updates is bad
marsig Pred 23 dnevi
game gets update game bad
crm10 Pred 24 dnevi
me too
Patty Williams
Patty Williams Pred 25 dnevi
100 percent
deezballs Pred 25 dnevi
I'm just saying that they could use the mecha robot the sedated the monster to bring down the mother ship
Ecwko Pred 26 dnevi
the chapter 2 map is the chapter 1 map. The Zero Point reformed thr chapter 1 map. we are not time traveling : )
A7PHY Pred 26 dnevi
They need to remove turbo building an give us the old map back so all the 10 year olds will quit playing because they cant build there mansions in 3 seconds anymore
Wither storm222
Wither storm222 Pred 19 dnevi
I don’t know how to sweat
StretchGames HD
StretchGames HD Pred 27 dnevi
I know his viewership is mostly kids but my guy we have all known the season 2 man is the season 1 man just slightly morphed. We have known from the first day of chapter 2.
MaceYTP Pred 27 dnevi
The aliens must be og fortnite fans
Bongsta the bangsta
Bongsta the bangsta Pred 28 dnevi
Wait so we forgot how to swim?
Trick Pred 20 dnevi
No, I think that agent Jones wanted to stop the people on the island from figuring out about the mothership and zero point etc. because that is what controls the loop
Tevin Powell
Tevin Powell Pred 28 dnevi
They got dinosaurs in the game to🤔 we all know dinosaurs are from the what….past
Yoda123 Pred 29 dnevi
Ali a I have a theory What if they sent us back to come up with something for the future
Levi Ehrhardt
Levi Ehrhardt Pred 29 dnevi
First time in a year I've actually been excited about the story
ANIME EDITS Pred 29 dnevi
Double pump is coming back?
Oddafo Pred mesecem
i would start playing again
Gr1ff1n -_-
Gr1ff1n -_- Pred mesecem
My controllers broken I can’t play games
Matthew Muscat
Matthew Muscat Pred mesecem
I just want the old map
Yeet Boi
Yeet Boi Pred mesecem
the vault door is not identical to the mothership sure there are similarities but there are also a lot of differences
pxol pixel
pxol pixel Pred mesecem
Well made
yagMasta Pred mesecem
So, we're going to experience the whole chapter 1 again? COOOL
Wither storm222
Wither storm222 Pred 19 dnevi
XD CMAX520 Pred mesecem
Na na na na na j balvin is in the item shop
Amna Adil
Amna Adil Pred mesecem
Guys I think that if u look on Ur map when it in a match open Ur map and U will see there the shadow of the big UFO in the sky is moved a bit so no shadow over there so then they will use their weapon to crash down the mothership and then the chunks of chapter 1 will fall down and will slowly replace the new areas of chapter 2 like corney complex boney burbs and more etc.
Coen Pred mesecem
is it just me or did anybody else just realised IO stands for imagined order
Caden Kopacz
Caden Kopacz Pred mesecem
Kevin the cube was a spy. He rolled around the map, taking note of the poi’s, eventually ending at loot lake which is the center of the mothership
Uglyorange5 Pred mesecem
If the chapter 1 map comes back in 2 days people will say “I want the chapter 2 map back
Wither storm222
Wither storm222 Pred 19 dnevi
I hope they don’t say it
King Joey 007
King Joey 007 Pred mesecem
that sound really possible
Paula Dobbie
Paula Dobbie Pred mesecem
I think the aliens got to the chapter 1 map during the black hole event
pedro Pred mesecem
what about the background??
Baileyhateslife Pred mesecem
What if, we were sent back into the past of the island to save the zero point from getting destroyed.
_ GachaBrothers _
_ GachaBrothers _ Pred mesecem
What if we went into the past
_ GachaBrothers _
_ GachaBrothers _ Pred mesecem
Actually what if we were sent back to change the past
_ GachaBrothers _
_ GachaBrothers _ Pred mesecem
Matthew Broda10
Matthew Broda10 Pred mesecem
There’s 1 thing I don’t get the dusty divot it looks like there’s no metal
IBEE926 Pred mesecem
Ur crazy smart
The Ultimate Error Of 404
The Ultimate Error Of 404 Pred mesecem
What if the island flipped?
Dallord Games
Dallord Games Pred mesecem
First off, the old map is not coming back, second off, i dont get why people love it so much, it wasnt that great
محقق الكرتون
محقق الكرتون Pred mesecem
My brain is flipped
Ahbab Muttaki
Ahbab Muttaki Pred mesecem
The map is only one of the problems. Although as an o.g,I would love it. But there's a lot needed to do in terms of gameplay, especially building and editing. Of those aren't fixed,there's less chance of chapter o.g s returning to enjoy the chapter 1.
ede2355 Pred mesecem
Interesting theory, I approve :D
JOey Pred mesecem
Pin me cause I’m a og
Cooper Ham
Cooper Ham Pred mesecem
Sounds great but what gon happen in other seasons? The contstruction of the poi’s and resurfacing of the rock and stone that originally made the map? Also what about the background islands?
Deltarune Goat
Deltarune Goat Pred mesecem
Number 1 Victory Royale....Yeah Fortnite Bout To Get down 10 kills on the board right now just wiped out tomato town...
Spitzyxo Pred mesecem
lowkey makes sense
Ashton Mejorada
Ashton Mejorada Pred mesecem
I came here for the intro, where it at
Jaxthejedi Pred mesecem
No no no no no the zero point didn’t send us back in time it rearranged the matter making a brand new map
Kaleb Marrs
Kaleb Marrs Pred mesecem
it also makes sense because it the mother ship has the zero point right nwo
Siaam Asghar
Siaam Asghar Pred mesecem
I really hope the chapter 1 map somehow returns it was a better map there were more places and so much going on
MGN_Witchdoctor Pred mesecem
I've been waiting so long for the og map to return
Jaspa Webster
Jaspa Webster Pred 14 dnevi
you will be waiting forever then, as thats not happening ever
The Kellanator
The Kellanator Pred 28 dnevi
Me too
Jadis Vega
Jadis Vega Pred mesecem
If that metal in the middle of the old map is the top of the ufo maybe the ufo flew up and now that it’s crashing into the new map we are getting the old map cuz it’s stuck on top of the ufo
WhaleOrSomething Pred mesecem
Ali-a do ur prefer the new chapter 2 graphic or chapter 1 also do u want the og pump to come back
Jake Beddows
Jake Beddows Pred mesecem
It would be a dream come true
Dark Inside
Dark Inside Pred mesecem
Loving it ♥️💛💛💛 it would be so awesome.. gonaa reinstall the game
jor jor
jor jor Pred mesecem
what if they called it chapter 2 because its their 2nd time trying to save the old map
NameNick1234 Pred mesecem
Did ali-a forget the zoom out from the chapter 2 season 1 intro that showed the maps were just seperate worlds seperated by space?
NameNick1234 Pred mesecem
Remember when ali a actually played the game he constantly clickbaits and talks about? Me neither
Slyfurz Pred mesecem
I never realised the old map locations lol
Opa1Hefty Pred mesecem
so how is the chapter one map is coming back? heres why coz fornite went back to the past then all of a sudden we came to the future it dont go like that because we went to the future to figure out how did we came back to the past and thats what that loop was for, to bring us to the future for the sevens to figure out how did we went to the past and once we get all the seven together they will be able to figure out how did we went back to the past and after thats all done they'll build a rift for all of us to go in and it'll take us back to the past and i can prove it! back then in the past they all did not know each other but during the past only two of the seven popped up but when we came to to the future there was another seven that popped up and they are slowly getting together but the other two we'll be the one going to save the other three but just not now so i hope youse understand and yeah goodnight............
Cuddy Pred mesecem
Yo chapter 2 is the past of chapter 1 so do you know the vault in the chapter 1 event yah the big ufo is the vault and Kevin the cube is acualty a alien made thing and remember in chapter 2 season 5 the sand season when the battle bus fell that is the battle bus on the ground in chapter 1 and see how old poi’s are starting to show up so over time we will get back to chapter 1 and we will get to the old state of fortnite and your gonna say then won’t we just have to do it over again no we will go on a different story line and try to escape the loop again Think it’s a valid theory or not
ItZ Artz 117
ItZ Artz 117 Pred mesecem
Ohboiyoudead Pred mesecem
Bro thats actually a really cool Theory
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles Pred mesecem
9:46 The convergence theory makes sense in a way. Plus I don't think the old map(remastered version) will return in Season x, Chapter 3 is more like it.
Kael Reacts
Kael Reacts Pred mesecem
I just downloaded fortnite again for the first time in 1, 1/2 years
XI MAGMA Pred mesecem
Alia : makes up huge storyline Epic games :WRITE THAT DOWN
The Royal Gamers
The Royal Gamers Pred mesecem
0:00 Ah yes! A new meme!
jxbxted Pred mesecem
the mother ship probably will crash that explains the ufo like thingy on the chapter 1 map
Kronos Hyper
Kronos Hyper Pred mesecem
Tilted Towers back = I am back
Pimp Daddy Kane
Pimp Daddy Kane Pred mesecem
I wanna believe him but he come from many videos of clickbaiting
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez Pred mesecem
Ever wondered why when you jumped in the water you died to fall damage, because the water was so shallow and right under it was the metal from the mother ship
Joe Whitaker
Joe Whitaker Pred mesecem
just came here to say that profile pic gave me almost as much nostalgia as playing fable again for the first time in years
The Kellanator
The Kellanator Pred 28 dnevi
Oh I have fable too but I haven’t used her since season 6 when she came out, I used dire a few days ago though
kolega Anonimni
kolega Anonimni Pred mesecem
Now everything makes sense
xVik_ Pred mesecem
I just want the season 3 map back.
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson Pred mesecem
Under the UFO opening u see tilted
UberToYourMom Pred mesecem
How many times he said Fortnite 👇
saii P12
saii P12 Pred mesecem
It’s a diplodoculous
ItsTiger Pred mesecem
I just had a idea was that thought that the Meteor would of hit the ship since I went farther down then the hole at loot lake so maybe it was taken down at the corny complex when it was abducting it and it was open at dusty depot maybe??
AngeloBT Pred mesecem
Bruh the wold map is horrible...
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