*NEW* Fortnite Season 8 BIGGEST LEAKS yet!

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Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 2 - HUGE LEAKS!
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Ali-A Pred mesecem
Who else is excited for Season 8?
Julie Gill
Julie Gill Pred 21 dnevom
Spiderman is comeing
R lee
R lee Pred 22 dnevi
__Pats.Prodz__ Pred 22 dnevi
Norlin gaming
Norlin gaming Pred 23 dnevi
Norlin gaming
Norlin gaming Pred 23 dnevi
Yeah boy
Benji Pred 10 dnevi
Full cringe
gaming triangle
gaming triangle Pred 10 dnevi
Ali a was almost right about season 8 almost
Armyfisherman Meaning
Armyfisherman Meaning Pred 14 dnevi
I hope it’s naruto
Wither Storm
Wither Storm Pred 2 dnevi
Tuxedoed_Crow Pred 20 dnevi
Maybe they’ll the cube for the bomb
sako plus
sako plus Pred 20 dnevi
I hate fortnight
XKoy Pred 20 dnevi
Kristopher Jeanneret-schroer
Kristopher Jeanneret-schroer Pred 20 dnevi
On clark Kent's screen is all icquipted with batman stuff
logthepog Pred 21 dnevom
next season is going to be pog hopeful!
I like star wars123
I like star wars123 Pred 21 dnevom
Not happening
wael mikkawi
wael mikkawi Pred 21 dnevom
i wish that lebanon will come to fortnite in season 9
Mainly me
Mainly me Pred 21 dnevom
You are so fine 😍I’m sorry I had to say it I can’t stop looking at you
♡︎world of sunnica♡︎
♡︎world of sunnica♡︎ Pred 21 dnevom
First bit sounded like a song
FLUffypoago Pred 21 dnevom
We had an Aztec theme in seson 8 chapter 1
MyLemons38 YT
MyLemons38 YT Pred 21 dnevom
Kevin Leighton
Kevin Leighton Pred 21 dnevom
I’m really excited
Julie Gill
Julie Gill Pred 21 dnevom
Spiderman is comes
r4igeki Pred 22 dnevi
I want a Naruto skin so bad omfg
Lord Tyrecus
Lord Tyrecus Pred 22 dnevi
Help Friends Services
Help Friends Services Pred 23 dnevi
Tristan Vella
Tristan Vella Pred 23 dnevi
Season 8 is actually cool they added Naruto. If they don't add Naruto I will delete fortnite
Alishah Gul
Alishah Gul Pred 24 dnevi
No it would ruin the series
Alishah Gul
Alishah Gul Pred 24 dnevi
Nooooooo it would ruin the series
I Bonkerz
I Bonkerz Pred 24 dnevi
Extraction is actually a great movie
Bninja116 Pred 24 dnevi
my epic is JrShadowRunner
Reaper Pred 24 dnevi
OraKage Pred 24 dnevi
Naruto finna be a lit a$$ skin!
Sprinkles _L_
Sprinkles _L_ Pred 25 dnevi
2:58 the alien spaceship in the background
Blackbadger1998 Pred 25 dnevi
I think peely is behind it all
Marc Sprinceana
Marc Sprinceana Pred 25 dnevi
Why naruto why
itx coding
itx coding Pred 25 dnevi
Perfect Silver
Perfect Silver Pred 25 dnevi
Can we get a sasuke and kakashi skin too maybe in item shop or something
A Toyota Vehicle
A Toyota Vehicle Pred 25 dnevi
Also the Mothership absorbed the Zero Point and probably have every POI in it. Like Lucky Landing. Maybe the pyramids are POIs from thousands of years ago, because Slone said they have ran things successfully for thousands of years.
Hfxitxohc ok ld
Hfxitxohc ok ld Pred 26 dnevi
my mans just nuhrootow instead of Naruto
CassieMarie IsMe
CassieMarie IsMe Pred 26 dnevi
It in 10 days
KKSHORTS Pred 27 dnevi
I just subscribed to your channel. Love your vids. Been watching for around a month now.
Christopher Brummerloh
Christopher Brummerloh Pred 27 dnevi
I just want season 8 now
Kris May
Kris May Pred 27 dnevi
R I don't know if??
Mangekyo Diaz
Mangekyo Diaz Pred 27 dnevi
Bro if I hear a kid say ITS NARUTO UZUMAKI FROM FORTNITE I’m slapping him so hard he goes all the way back to the adoption center
PB Dbz
PB Dbz Pred 27 dnevi
I want Goku
Jodi Elseasser
Jodi Elseasser Pred 27 dnevi
I’m definitely going to get dark drift if comes out
vegetaslayer249 Pred 28 dnevi
I just want to play as obito
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith Pred 28 dnevi
Yeah a bomb very clever.
Hunter Gatt
Hunter Gatt Pred 28 dnevi
So excited for season 8
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Pred 28 dnevi
I am Egyptian
FraggerFr Pred 29 dnevi
watch on 1.25 speed (Thank me later) :)
Brian Rocha
Brian Rocha Pred 29 dnevi
I want the world to explode before Season 8
Lemon0 Pred 29 dnevi
I want a Harry Potter skin
Blakista White
Blakista White Pred 29 dnevi
Stealth Playz
Stealth Playz Pred 29 dnevi
xd Saucey
xd Saucey Pred mesecem
ur views dropped massively compared to the old fortnite vids🥲miss the old days
Bench Warmers
Bench Warmers Pred mesecem
Is NARUTO Confirmed yet?
Bench Warmers
Bench Warmers Pred 27 dnevi
@Pix3lgaming uk ok ty
Pix3lgaming uk
Pix3lgaming uk Pred 27 dnevi
They have gained the rights to add naruto in the game and they are working to put him in the next battle pass so yeah it's pretty much confirmed 👍
Nobita999 FF
Nobita999 FF Pred mesecem
Wish I could play fn again
mastershrigami18 Pred mesecem
hopefully they put Uchiha Sasuke
suresh verma
suresh verma Pred mesecem
R.I.P Corny
Plz don’t associate naruto with fortnite
F1am3z Pred mesecem
Jennifer Mcclure
Jennifer Mcclure Pred mesecem
Me!!!!! I’m a big player!!!
Booly512 Pred mesecem
To think im actually enjoying fortnite again
Brian martinez
Brian martinez Pred mesecem
I hope they put naruto
Spike Pred mesecem
What about goku
Playitoutloud Pred mesecem
Goku is coming next season
Rowdog Pred mesecem
Anyone think hacker will be a sweat skin?
Gideon Van Niekerk
Gideon Van Niekerk Pred mesecem
Brooooo season 7 looks mental!!!!
Aslenny Pred mesecem
I swear if they add naruto
Scott Hardie
Scott Hardie Pred mesecem
Verrrrrrrrrrrry exited
ItsOmegaCard 1
ItsOmegaCard 1 Pred mesecem
Your channel dead Ali a
Andreas Anguridis
Andreas Anguridis Pred mesecem
I couldn't imagine an aot collab that would be crazy
Bhavik’s Music
Bhavik’s Music Pred mesecem
Bro I can’t wait for season 8 cause my friend might send me a gift for my first skin just saying my fortnite name is ITS LIT231945
Shaye_PlayZ Pred mesecem
RJ YT Pred mesecem
MeeeeeeeeeI heard that tilled towers is coming back
Gerson Morales
Gerson Morales Pred mesecem
Dead game
TPM Gaming
TPM Gaming Pred mesecem
Then don’t watch
fishy brother forever
fishy brother forever Pred mesecem
Si think superman vill be holding up the mother ship if its gonna crash
DP Gaming
DP Gaming Pred mesecem
I’m getting the narto skin
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Pred mesecem
Arjan Arj
Arjan Arj Pred mesecem
Who is only excited for naruto
EREN Ali ALPAY Pred mesecem
Do you know what’s crazy a couple of days ago I thought there’s an anime girl with the Mandalorian in the same season so I said who cares what if there’s Naruto
Zandumb Pred mesecem
Ali remember there is more than one island so if the mother ship falls on the map we could be going to one of islands keep that in for ur next leaking vid okay.
Eroy Durante
Eroy Durante Pred mesecem
Who else saw the zapitron in the inposters mode
TheLegoAssassin Pred mesecem
Who agrees that Ali a is the best fornite SLusr his content is great every time
Anthony Bell
Anthony Bell Pred mesecem
I bet we don’t get Naruto Subversion of expectation
YMK Pred mesecem
We don’t care we’re gonna play the game so we don’t need the information do a challenge play the game your channel is dying
Simon Gleeson
Simon Gleeson Pred mesecem
and btw my friend and my brother think that some of the leaks that i say and u say are fake but i think its not fake
Simon Gleeson
Simon Gleeson Pred mesecem
im excited for season 8
WSP Gaming
WSP Gaming Pred mesecem
*NEW* Fortnite Season 8 BIGGEST LEAKS yet!
ScopeZ Flixx
ScopeZ Flixx Pred mesecem
i just want the old map back
Dew_sim Pred mesecem
James Duri
James Duri Pred mesecem
look at fortnite lodeout 2:01
MiysttCarnage Pred mesecem
Please fortnite don’t give Naruto a bad name pleeeeaasseeee
ZAAX Pred mesecem
Enjoy naruto fortnite kids 😭🥺😢😩
ᴀꜱʜ Pred mesecem
What if the underground mothership we saw in the trailer for s7 is the crashsite
[AMV] King
[AMV] King Pred mesecem
i don't think that the old fortnite map will come just yet. Over time the seasons will start to teraform similar to ch 2 s3 when water levels were going down.
Yang cao
Yang cao Pred mesecem
You’re broke
Aarav Singh
Aarav Singh Pred mesecem
What happened to kangaroos
SharkyBoiRule126 Pred mesecem
Kitten Gamer
Kitten Gamer Pred mesecem
Hey Ali! Do you have any tips for streaming and I also love your videos!
pls shoutout
austin carnell
austin carnell Pred mesecem
Epics like how do we move tons of stone and hide it
Yas 123
Yas 123 Pred mesecem
Fartnite is cancer
Tyler Vaughn
Tyler Vaughn Pred mesecem
Hey my name is Tyler
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