*NEW* Fortnite SEASON 8 - EVERYTHING NEW! (Victory Royale)

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Fortnite SEASON 8 - EVERYTHING NEW! (Chapter 2 Season 8 Update)
► Season 8 Battlepass - slus.info/name/video/iWZ2ppuUbbLEc9Q.html
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Ali-A Pred 14 dnevi
Season 8 is HERE - I get my first Victory Royale, enjoy!
Jean F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ Pred 11 dnevi
Best time to start watching Ali A again is at the beginning of a new season
dmg0425 Pred 12 dnevi
nice video
Viper_xo Shadow
Viper_xo Shadow Pred 13 dnevi
Hi Alia!
Aaryan Dadarkar
Aaryan Dadarkar Pred 13 dnevi
Can anyone gift me the battle pass
Docholliday Pred 2 dnevi
That wasnt his first game
Freddy Pred 2 dnevi
Um I think you want up against the queen of the cubes boss.
ShrekTheSwag567 Pred 3 dnevi
Commit gold
Evan Carnick
Evan Carnick Pred 6 dnevi
Are Ferraris still in the game?
MemeFinity Pred 7 dnevi
what music at 0:59 ?
towernoobplays Pred 8 dnevi
what is that music bro? i love it!
Ben Comeaux
Ben Comeaux Pred 8 dnevi
I just opened up a battle rap game in the Golden Cube was floating
Lacey Gray
Lacey Gray Pred 8 dnevi
What do you like it if you could go in first person
DOGGEMO Pred 8 dnevi
Tetra Ezio
Tetra Ezio Pred 8 dnevi
Who's a SLusr gamer Like
Muttosaur Pred 8 dnevi
Carnige is ranga venom
Finlay Clarke
Finlay Clarke Pred 9 dnevi
Slipstreams are now described as OG 😔
Mike Gagnon
Mike Gagnon Pred 9 dnevi
Gaming med guff
Gaming med guff Pred 9 dnevi
I'm using tiko as a support a creator code
Gaming med guff
Gaming med guff Pred 9 dnevi
Sometimes u are a clickbaiter
Naren V
Naren V Pred 10 dnevi
they might be the infinity stones
niraj baral
niraj baral Pred 10 dnevi
Wild Eggs
Wild Eggs Pred 11 dnevi
I would love it if you would create videos of the game Wild Eggs :)
Pat Pat
Pat Pat Pred 11 dnevi
Lol ur first game
Sharon Groenewald
Sharon Groenewald Pred 11 dnevi
Guys he is not wereing guld
Teddy Pred 11 dnevi
The bird is a crow not a raven
Arian Hashemi
Arian Hashemi Pred 12 dnevi
I was the first person to fund
Cassandra Hallstrom
Cassandra Hallstrom Pred 12 dnevi
thta gold kevin is not name that that kevin is name gvin
INSANE GAMER Pred 12 dnevi
The boss in sideways look like Phin from spiderman miles morales
Dany Maher
Dany Maher Pred 12 dnevi
That’s my favorite color to
Fortniteclan1 Pred 12 dnevi
Can u trade skins
Tango Yankey
Tango Yankey Pred 12 dnevi
Ali A swearing didnt know
Tango Yankey
Tango Yankey Pred 12 dnevi
The blue cube is Loki's cube
Sara's Shiny world
Sara's Shiny world Pred 12 dnevi
Lesson learned: do not ask for something a lot because they'll end up giving you a million of them
why_man Pred 12 dnevi
i can win a 1v1 from you
Kode Koldz
Kode Koldz Pred 12 dnevi
no way i got my first win on my first game too
scott nicholls
scott nicholls Pred 12 dnevi
oh so its blevin
AhmedRawat Pred 12 dnevi
The blue cube is Kevin the ice cube
DJ Nixon
DJ Nixon Pred 12 dnevi
You know blevin looks like that infinite stone in the cube
Pred 12 dnevi
That controls for the shadow stones are on left screen it works still bro
Sianah Matthews
Sianah Matthews Pred 12 dnevi
alia you might loose some subsrcibers because so many people hated the charge shotgun. btw
Jack Lane
Jack Lane Pred 12 dnevi
Welcome back kevin
Sianah Matthews
Sianah Matthews Pred 12 dnevi
me 'expecting alia to say Oh My Gosh!' Alia 'Oh My Dayz?!' me again oh :/
chocolate_puppie Pred 12 dnevi
I love ali a
Kaiden Stewart
Kaiden Stewart Pred 13 dnevi
You didn’t complete it
Michael Do
Michael Do Pred 13 dnevi
the zombies mach all the colors of the cubes
Kaotic Pred 13 dnevi
The best skin aside from Cartoon Fishstick is MONKE
Robert Wocking
Robert Wocking Pred 13 dnevi
The golden Cube is like the Midas Rap.
Jiggy Playz
Jiggy Playz Pred 13 dnevi
If you hit the blue cube you gain shields
Eesham Bhattacharyya
Eesham Bhattacharyya Pred 13 dnevi
Kevin, Blevins, and paneer
Crowz-Nickz Pred 13 dnevi
Just saying, The cubes tilt every game.
ThePandaBot911 Pred 13 dnevi
he claimed it was his first game... he showed three different ones in the video
Tamashi DxD
Tamashi DxD Pred 13 dnevi
Carnage with the pegasus wings is just funny.
Yahaira rodriguez
Yahaira rodriguez Pred 13 dnevi
I feel like Midas Touch the golden Cube that's why is gold
Aaron Jordan
Aaron Jordan Pred 13 dnevi
I can’t wait to see *what fortnite do with it
Juanito Zuniga
Juanito Zuniga Pred 13 dnevi
New fortnite map is kind of trash no new pois and no naruto
thunder_vault Pred 13 dnevi
I love your videos.
rex mama
rex mama Pred 13 dnevi
Hit that subscribe button for Ali-A
rex mama
rex mama Pred 13 dnevi
rex mama
rex mama Pred 13 dnevi
And I have no mic
rex mama
rex mama Pred 13 dnevi
😭😢😥😓 I don't have the new battle pass I will Common my username
rex mama
rex mama Pred 13 dnevi
Ali-A I'm a big fan I accept scribe that red button ascribed
Chara Pred 13 dnevi
ahh, flashbacks to the original alia cube clickbaits.
My friend thinks he can beat you at a 1v1 while he only has grey weapons even though he plays on switch
BAHHH nation_
BAHHH nation_ Pred 13 dnevi
I’m sorry everyone realise that he said the queen???? Yeh yeh queen got a scar 200 pumped the queen
Zynix2K Pred 13 dnevi
bro the shadow rock and the alien jump pad I found that like an hour after the season started it's cool right? I claimed it first:) love your content tho 😂
kat the cat
kat the cat Pred 13 dnevi
did you now the blue cube/alia cube gives you shield
letisia vorster
letisia vorster Pred 13 dnevi
Slones burst is not right from corny complex😉
legend 2021
legend 2021 Pred 13 dnevi
Use code alia!!!
legend 2021
legend 2021 Pred 13 dnevi
Ali a your the best youtuber I know u best content creator :)
nightmare gamer
nightmare gamer Pred 13 dnevi
The aliens declared war when they took slurpy swamps how we supposed to get free shield now
Veneanu Pred 13 dnevi
fast m3rr1ck
fast m3rr1ck Pred 13 dnevi
The fact he called slipstream og 🤣🤣🤣🤣
BULLSJD Pred 13 dnevi
Zade Sundust
Zade Sundust Pred 13 dnevi
Where is spider man
clip sensation
clip sensation Pred 13 dnevi
There's a new guestbook cap and it gives u spas not joking
Kyle Swartz
Kyle Swartz Pred 13 dnevi
Possible demon slayer crossover
Laura Hardy
Laura Hardy Pred 13 dnevi
The blue cube is a healing one
xd _gh0st
xd _gh0st Pred 13 dnevi
Fun fact: venom is carnage’s father, with carnage being the 999th generation
studiolore56 Pred 13 dnevi
awesome vid
Marvel action gamer
Marvel action gamer Pred 13 dnevi
Secret skin the queen
Zombie Slayer 999
Zombie Slayer 999 Pred 13 dnevi
Do npcs spawn in team rumble?
Encolo Pred 13 dnevi
Whiplashareback btw
Tanasia Tillis
Tanasia Tillis Pred 13 dnevi
alia its na/ra/to not na/ru/to thats how you pronounce it
Alyssa Mershon
Alyssa Mershon Pred 13 dnevi
Hey r u lvl 100?
Omega_playz Pred 13 dnevi
I feel like the cubes are gonna go into the water around the map and make lean lake again
MRLAZY Pred 13 dnevi
BLEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEVINNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Doopie 2
Doopie 2 Pred 13 dnevi
siren head fortnite
IceBeast2450 Pred 13 dnevi
The Blue cube is Kevin and all the other ones are his brothers, sisters, and family
raed alaskar
raed alaskar Pred 13 dnevi
my epic is noaimbothamzeh
Andi Hatija
Andi Hatija Pred 13 dnevi
The ali a cube gives you shield
Dylan Keane
Dylan Keane Pred 13 dnevi
Gold cube midas?
Marvel action gamer
Marvel action gamer Pred 13 dnevi
The secret skin geno
Lucky16 Pred 13 dnevi
My friend and I was discussing the gold cube and how Midas could have touched it and he is now corrupted
Mrs Belangerr
Mrs Belangerr Pred 13 dnevi
I REALLY hope their extra styles are gonna be their clothes like marvel and last season and not their whole body like s2/s5 solid gold styles... I love the styles they did with marvel and last season where their skin didn't match their clothes 😆
Abdulrahman Mohammad
Abdulrahman Mohammad Pred 13 dnevi
U missed a llama in ur first game when u were landing
Real sour king
Real sour king Pred 13 dnevi
Jump onTop of the new Kevin the cube to be able to get full shield
Carole M
Carole M Pred 13 dnevi
I feel like going back on fortinite I stooped at season 6
Billythe KID
Billythe KID Pred 13 dnevi
The reason for the gold cube was to hint at .... THE RETURN OF MIDAS 🤗
Aaryan Dadarkar
Aaryan Dadarkar Pred 13 dnevi
Can anyone gift me the battle pass
Yoo it’s ΕL JΑY.
Yoo it’s ΕL JΑY. Pred 13 dnevi
The cubes gold because midus touched it.
A friendly neighborhood noob
A friendly neighborhood noob Pred 13 dnevi
Really? No piramids, no mummies, no naruto in the battlepass... bruh
Jevette Johnson
Jevette Johnson Pred 13 dnevi
Midas kube
Jevette Johnson
Jevette Johnson Pred 13 dnevi
No it’s bleven
busting EVERY season 8 myth
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