*NEW* Fortnite SEASON 8 LEAKS! (Naruto, Map Changes + MORE!)

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Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 8 Leaks!
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Funhouse Soruto shinobi
Funhouse Soruto shinobi Pred 5 dnevi
What is the name of the first opening song
Plazm aero
Plazm aero Pred 5 dnevi
Datteba yo!
Asawa ni mina
Asawa ni mina Pred 5 dnevi
Secret jutsu: Raseng gun
Mohammed Israr irfan ahmed
Mohammed Israr irfan ahmed Pred 6 dnevi
Im waiting for naruto
ZenTheOriginal Pred 8 dnevi
You fell off
jack whacker
jack whacker Pred 9 dnevi
Naruto is gonna have a rasengun
ItsaGAME Lad
ItsaGAME Lad Pred 9 dnevi
Madara blitzes the whole fortnite universe
Kiro Pred 9 dnevi
Eww now toxic kids are gonna say: “ow you mean naruto and sasuke from fortnite?” EWW
RedPanda Pred 10 dnevi
I don’t really want them to add the skin
Pred 11 dnevi
I’m remember when Fortnite was fun now it just 🤮
ShotPop Pred 11 dnevi
Five year olds gonna be screaming narutooo sasukeee
Obito Pred 11 dnevi
Tan Liang Quan
Tan Liang Quan Pred 11 dnevi
Imagine one of naruto move in fortnite is him holding rasengan
WinnerFortnite Pred 13 dnevi
It would be cool if naruto came in season 8
vijaya patil
vijaya patil Pred 13 dnevi
Dude naruto saying is wrong
vijaya patil
vijaya patil Pred 13 dnevi
The way u said was wrong
H4IL Pred 14 dnevi
To do shadow clone jutsu in fortnite is ez, use an rpg, shoot on the floor and make your friend come from behind
evil's clone
evil's clone Pred 14 dnevi
Naruto isn't in season 8 but CARNAGE IS!
ツツAceIssy Pred 14 dnevi
I can’t load in the server right now!
Angel Tonra
Angel Tonra Pred 14 dnevi
Donald mustard said it won’t happen and that naruto won’t be in the battle pass at all it was a misunderstanding
Oman 2841
Oman 2841 Pred 14 dnevi
Since there is a superman skin that means all bullets in fortnite are made with some kind of metal and kryptonite
Abul Fazl
Abul Fazl Pred 15 dnevi
he was not capping
shegoforangel2p Pred 15 dnevi
Bro boo Fortnite is going to ruin naruto
Ninja yeet Warner
Ninja yeet Warner Pred 15 dnevi
Lol he said Naruto wrong he said ruto 😆
Casper lesYT
Casper lesYT Pred 15 dnevi
Do we really need naruto in fortnite I have the master key skin
GREEN_FU2ION Pred 16 dnevi
Naruto should not be in fortnite ☠
Skrkkt Pred 17 dnevi
If they add Madara I might actually start playing fortnite again
Jayden Martinez
Jayden Martinez Pred 17 dnevi
Naruto with a gun: I’m tired of you sasuke it’s time to put you down
Efanie Brown
Efanie Brown Pred 10 dnevi
Ghetto Naruto has entered the chat
UwU2519 Pred 17 dnevi
When I hear the seven or foundation why do I think that danzo is gonna be in it
Its Varush
Its Varush Pred 18 dnevi
fortnite dattebayo
Its Varush
Its Varush Pred 18 dnevi
kurama and Naruto with a scar. why :(
WhosTrop8 Pred 18 dnevi
see now i got to dislike because he said naruto wrong i was really counting on you Ali
Johno TAPAITAU Pred 19 dnevi
i love your video :D
Becomefact Pred 19 dnevi
Ooh naruto !! That's makin' game more excited .
NahIm2Lazy Pred 14 dnevi
@Becomefact naruto, a ninja fighting against people with guns. Doesn't make sense
Becomefact Pred 17 dnevi
@Izuku Midoriya yeah , that's so uncool . NARUTO match with rasengan instead of gun .
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Pred 18 dnevi
@Becomefact But naruto holding freaking gun
Becomefact Pred 18 dnevi
@Izuku Midoriya so sad !! Ya' don't know anything about seventh hokage DATTEBAYO !!
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Pred 18 dnevi
Naruto in the game is gonna make fortnite more worse
Leroy Archibald
Leroy Archibald Pred 19 dnevi
The fact Naruto is coming to fortnite gives me depression. Like why… Naruto is a ninja….. why would he have a gun it ruins the concept 🤦🏽‍♂️
yeet eagles
yeet eagles Pred 19 dnevi
Imagine there's a cutscene where fortnite takes Naruto when sasuke and all are fighting madara
Jeff Iolsop
Jeff Iolsop Pred 19 dnevi
naruto is a rip off hxh and one piece is better
scare CribE
scare CribE Pred 20 dnevi
I just want Naruto to run just like in anime.
evil Pred 20 dnevi
Everyone gangsta until jigen wants to play
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Pred 21 dnevom
breh naruto better not come
Jiibzuu Pred 21 dnevom
Atta Ur Rehman
Atta Ur Rehman Pred 21 dnevom
imagine madara Uchiha Come as final Event
Grant Bailey
Grant Bailey Pred 21 dnevom
Naruto would never hold a gun
Lucky Pred 23 dnevi
Imagine naruto has a built in emote that turns him into bijuu or sage of 6 paths like iron man
OPSTIC Pred 24 dnevi
I will not accept naruto holding a gun
yaboigovster Pred 24 dnevi
I'm praying that Naruto doesn't come to fortnite
Iruka Ramen
Iruka Ramen Pred 24 dnevi
See n a child run around with NARUTO is gonna be bonkers:/
SuperYellowKitty Pred 24 dnevi
The thumbnail was a jumpforce picture lol
Liam G
Liam G Pred 24 dnevi
Why naruto for why do thay fucm over everything I like
Ceejay BLM
Ceejay BLM Pred 24 dnevi
once I heard Naruto was gunna be in the game I reinstalled it lol
Poixz Pred 25 dnevi
Izzy-Hustle Pred 25 dnevi
Madara as lvl 100 skin lol
ADR_BRACKZY Pred 25 dnevi
i love thath but without any gun
A+B=C studios
A+B=C studios Pred 27 dnevi
Me who just wants a walking dead s11 crossover
MaTdBoOm Pred 27 dnevi
My boy naruto going to the dark side
Eraser Assassin SHArk PoG
Eraser Assassin SHArk PoG Pred 27 dnevi
I only play stw because br is literally aids with all the screaming 8yr olds
RkerJotaro Pred 28 dnevi
it's not naruto, it is sasuke. unless it's both, sasukes pickaxe will most likely be his katana and glider will be sharingan or susanoo.
Pred 28 dnevi
Prince Walls
Prince Walls Pred 28 dnevi
9.27 he says chapter x
joseph martin espiritu
joseph martin espiritu Pred 29 dnevi
whos gonna buy the battle pass to get the naruto skin
DemonSpaidd Pred 29 dnevi
I hope it’s gonna be Anime battle pass with goku naruto blich luffy and all
soaqked Pred mesecem
its all fun and games till sakura with star wand rushes you
soaqked Pred 23 dnevi
TMC Pred 23 dnevi
She too useless too do that
EVIL Droid YT ALT Pred mesecem
im so excited for the naruto stuff
Nick Abbott
Nick Abbott Pred mesecem
I have bloodsport
Sarahchu Pred mesecem
These are my favorite anime’s! I’m so excited!!!!!
Mcgill Pred mesecem
Madara better get an emote of his susano
Bubla 142
Bubla 142 Pred mesecem
I Hate That Naruto Will be In Fortnite like I hate the Game Not the whole community but i dont like it but maybe i will downoload it and play it for Naruto Or i will cry all night
NS Clan
NS Clan Pred mesecem
not newrot its naruto
Yoboi PaXt0n_lit
Yoboi PaXt0n_lit Pred mesecem
Noooooooooooooooooooooo I watch the show and it will ruin it for me
DrXpTs Pred mesecem
Imagine getting killed by Sakura
Kurt Raizen Delicano
Kurt Raizen Delicano Pred mesecem
hope they delay the Naruto update
Bored Pred mesecem
The thumbnail looks like naruto from jump force but just a rip off
Dylan Marx
Dylan Marx Pred mesecem
Pls fornite don t add naruto that is my childhood putting in a trash game
Velociraptor Guy
Velociraptor Guy Pred mesecem
Naruto are not from fortnite!
JustSomeDud Pred mesecem
Naruto holding a gun: I may be outta chakra but I ain’t outta options
NRG Slayer09
NRG Slayer09 Pred mesecem
I would love playing fortnite if naruto and his six paths version is in fortnite
Rai Pred mesecem
That’s so sad kids in the future when you ask them who’s naruto : Oh yeahhh that naruto from Fortnite. KMSSSSSSS PLEASE NO
Mr TGT Pred mesecem
Narooto, that annoys me
Ysn_Crystal Pred mesecem
These are the skins we need: Naruto, Sakura,Sasuke, Kakashi and Minato ( C’mon you know you love minato
HiTeRZo Pred 29 dnevi
Madara and Kaguya are cool too, I hope either both are the tier 100 skin
Verified Guy
Verified Guy Pred mesecem
I wish to see the end of the season by seeing pain doing “shinra tensai” on the fortnite map smh……
Verified Guy
Verified Guy Pred 28 dnevi
@HiTeRZo that would be lit too
HiTeRZo Pred 29 dnevi
Imagine the main event is Kaguya getting reanimated and randomly teleporting the map into different dimensions like the dense gravity or the acid ocean one, then us as players need to watch as Naruto and Sasuke seal her with the six paths chibaku tensei and end the season it will be dope as frick
YTcronic-Pumpz Pred mesecem
I stg if they bring naruto I will never take it off🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰♥️
StayWithAlucard Pred mesecem
Imagine naruto on fortnite hold gold scar nahhhhhh
The Pen Dragon
The Pen Dragon Pred mesecem
If Sakura starts cranking 90s on you and then kills you, you should just delete the game then and there
DaBaby Pred mesecem
The way he pronounced Naruto😭😭😭
A Kun
A Kun Pred mesecem
fn kid
Adz__7867 Pred mesecem
Fortnite was dead a long time ago just saying
speed Pred mesecem
i cant imagine the 10yr old kids saying that naruto is from fortnite
Michael Sharman
Michael Sharman Pred mesecem
The queen is it a alien
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Pred mesecem
Bruh no please not Naruto. I don’t wanna imagine Naruto doing the default dance.
X59l Pred mesecem
If naruto is in the battle pass besides the foundation I will quit for about 6 days
ZERO HERO Pred mesecem
Not ready for seeing sakura eating fish instead of healing them
Ebokz Pred mesecem
Say sike right now
Finlay Graham
Finlay Graham Pred mesecem
Theres gonna be memes of naruto using edit no jutsu
Tyrxx Pred mesecem
Spent so many hours watching Naruto just to have it put in fortnite. Great.
zqwacs Pred mesecem
Don't pronounce Naruto like narooto
C Fi
C Fi Pred mesecem
Imagine your in a build fight and then you hear... ALL MIGHTY PUSH
Gh0xtILLUSION Pred mesecem
Naruto? 100% buying the battepass.. If Pain is in the battlepass i will buy it 10000000000000000000000000%% i love pain..
yoriichi. Pred mesecem
Fortnite kids be like: Me: *watching naruto 8 year old kid: *Yo ThAts tHe GuY fRom ForTniTe*
P4NDA Pred mesecem
HighRix Pred mesecem
I love Naruto, but please don’t come to Fortnite
4Z3 Edits
4Z3 Edits Pred mesecem
All anime kids right now
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