SUPERMAN *UNLOCKED* in Fortnite! (Challenges Complete)

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Fortnite Superman Skin Unlocked Challenge Complete!
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Ali-A Pred mesecem
Man these challenges were SO buggy - But we FINALLY got Superman unlocked! Enjoy the video!
Simone Valentine
Simone Valentine Pred mesecem
Used ur code
Isoken Obi-chukwu
Isoken Obi-chukwu Pred mesecem
i wove ur videos
Ayyub Kuvido
Ayyub Kuvido Pred mesecem
Ayyub Kuvido
Ayyub Kuvido Pred mesecem
I love your videos
Ayyub Kuvido
Ayyub Kuvido Pred mesecem
How do you join
Vaishnav Sreejith
Vaishnav Sreejith Pred 21 dnevom
Alia did you get the superman skin because you got the battle pass
Pred 24 dnevi
Superman, Orin and Ninja Are My fav Skins
Dylan S
Dylan S Pred 24 dnevi
I can doo it
Pred 28 dnevi
I'm Supporting ALIA
BRUH Moment
BRUH Moment Pred 29 dnevi
You can get the skin by always going to bat man and flying the ufo 5 times in and you get the skin I got mine in les then 10 minutes
Daire Hickey
Daire Hickey Pred mesecem
Can you add me I have no friend to play with my username is daireh22 😔
Fatimah Ali
Fatimah Ali Pred mesecem
Beautiful ali a
Thick dogo
Thick dogo Pred mesecem
I use code alia
Alex Loncsarszki
Alex Loncsarszki Pred mesecem
Alia thanks for telling how to do it
Jack Pred mesecem
I have Superman
Vinnie Wells
Vinnie Wells Pred mesecem
I got the alien challenge from the Parisite
AUTOMANIA Pred mesecem
How many epic quests have you completed
Jayden’s videos
Jayden’s videos Pred mesecem
wiikidsly bloopers
wiikidsly bloopers Pred mesecem
Iv done 74 so far
Arturo Suarez
Arturo Suarez Pred mesecem
Sebasiscool Sebas
Sebasiscool Sebas Pred mesecem
Jazper Schneider
Jazper Schneider Pred mesecem
U can also just get those weird alien bugs things and they work aswell
Trisha Cute drawing
Trisha Cute drawing Pred mesecem
Thanks for the video
Lisinfilm Pred mesecem
I thought you said that it’s been in the game for at least 3 years
Baarav Para
Baarav Para Pred mesecem
BTW you can also defeat the parasites and not just the aliens from the UFOs and holly hatchery.
Baarav Para
Baarav Para Pred mesecem
and I think you can do the zyg boss as well but im not too sure.
zbn Bros
zbn Bros Pred mesecem
U can also kull parasitea and it works i think
Abdul Choudhury
Abdul Choudhury Pred mesecem
I got him today
TypicallKross Pred mesecem
Alia why dont you stream fortnite
yo tristin
yo tristin Pred mesecem
great vid man
Kevin James
Kevin James Pred mesecem
Im still crying of bush ranger he is still in my heart
Wilson Breckenridge
Wilson Breckenridge Pred mesecem
Why does his voice sound like he’s dying?
Audrey Olson
Audrey Olson Pred mesecem
You can deafeat the aliens by killing parasites
Pred mesecem
Use code AliA
WIII All DEAD Earth is ALIVE Pred mesecem
Your life is a joke 😂😂💀
Speed hyper YT
Speed hyper YT Pred mesecem
Ali-a I got Superman 3 days ago and I used code Alia
Yeet gaming
Yeet gaming Pred mesecem
Thanks i now have the skin
Jace Quinn
Jace Quinn Pred mesecem
I’m Your biggest fan
Pred mesecem
Alia icon skin
Calum Cole
Calum Cole Pred mesecem
Superman can hold thor’s hamer
we love fortnite
we love fortnite Pred mesecem
Use code Ali-A in the item shop
Arish Adnan
Arish Adnan Pred mesecem
For defeat aliens you can defeat alien parasites
Kai Vasquez
Kai Vasquez Pred mesecem
Landon Carter
Landon Carter Pred mesecem
Are use your creator code
Aiden Richards
Aiden Richards Pred mesecem
Yous cod aly a
osama muasbil
osama muasbil Pred mesecem
Charlotte Renee Renee
Charlotte Renee Renee Pred mesecem
Preston thinks you’re annoying roommate
krista keys
krista keys Pred mesecem
I subscribed and hit the bell
krista keys
krista keys Pred mesecem
Ice star coded Alyea
TAP WATER Pred mesecem
ali a's views are going i feel sorry for one of my childhood heroes
41 AE
41 AE Pred mesecem
Who would’ve known Ali a would do a vid with sidemen lol
Beebrays Alt .
Beebrays Alt . Pred mesecem
I haven't watched Ali a in like a year or 2 lol
zeeshan gaming
zeeshan gaming Pred mesecem
Can you add me to fortnite
Fear-TYPICAL-Ram Pred mesecem
Parasites count as aliens
MaddoxMakesVideos Pred mesecem
Don't read my channel picture
Don't read my channel picture Pred mesecem
Don't read my username
GabrielWaffles Pred mesecem
He’s fallen off
phase ninja7640
phase ninja7640 Pred mesecem
Ali-a my mom got me your merch she got me your mask and your new backpack
Ayan Hussen
Ayan Hussen Pred mesecem
Pined by ali - a
Mamkajiwin Pred mesecem
What’s up Broski 🦋🦋
Skull Candy
Skull Candy Pred mesecem
Hi Ali-A do you have any tips for me on fortnight I’m struggling I’m trying to get my first win
ShepGetzDubz Pred mesecem
Come back to cod! we miss you!!!!!
Maze four
Maze four Pred mesecem
Ali a I found blue shirt guy in wrisky wreels you can find a video of him at an atm
YYCKINGZ👑ツ Pred mesecem
Love the videos ❤️
Armani Pred mesecem
Dying channel
LOGAN MOSHER Pred mesecem
You are so bad at the game
Pineapple Pred mesecem
Who’s here from sunnyv2?
Zack wooden
Zack wooden Pred mesecem
Chance Ruesch
Chance Ruesch Pred mesecem
if you go to retail row and at the atm its ryan reynolds
ELdeebxproductions Pred mesecem
Free guy is in Fortnite. I think
what. Pred mesecem
SunnyV2 anyone?
Sush Games
Sush Games Pred mesecem
Melvin Villarreal
Melvin Villarreal Pred mesecem
Alia free guy is coming
Adam Potvin
Adam Potvin Pred mesecem
We need a Sesame Street battle pass. Grover, Elmo, Oscar, Bert and Ernie.
Rip Juice wrld
Rip Juice wrld Pred mesecem
Thanks ali
Don’t subscribe
Don’t subscribe Pred mesecem
Pls sub to rubenmoon1
Abeel Titan
Abeel Titan Pred mesecem
Lol Xbox has a aimbot hahaha
javier navarro
javier navarro Pred mesecem
its filled with bots because ur a bot
javier navarro
javier navarro Pred mesecem
u were not the 1st one to get super man
Cxden Pred mesecem
It’s impossible to complete Superman challenges
M G Pred mesecem
Alia will never quit fortnite
Lewis Amazing
Lewis Amazing Pred mesecem
2012_EE Pred mesecem
Me: dddd dddddd (superman song) Aliens: we have there memories… wait they are building
Dj gamer8201
Dj gamer8201 Pred mesecem
It glitch for me so it did not count when I did over 5 challange from them
Lisa Marrs
Lisa Marrs Pred mesecem
I love your videos
Louise Everett
Louise Everett Pred mesecem
Use code Ali-A!
Kian Playz roblox
Kian Playz roblox Pred mesecem
I’m level 203 what about you guys
Ke,n Sykes
Ke,n Sykes Pred mesecem
yousef GAMER1422
yousef GAMER1422 Pred mesecem
I found the superman npc
Kian Kapoor
Kian Kapoor Pred mesecem
Already unlocked it
Masky Man Gaming and more
Masky Man Gaming and more Pred mesecem
I use your code user ksoni84
Jonathan Dwyer
Jonathan Dwyer Pred mesecem
Hi Alia l Love oh your videos
MikeyAU Pred mesecem
you can use parasites
Pickle Gamer
Pickle Gamer Pred mesecem
I actually own the kalels cape glider but i dont have superman yet
Gabe Thorson
Gabe Thorson Pred mesecem
For superman
Gabe Thorson
Gabe Thorson Pred mesecem
I know dum fact you need the battlepass for the quest to count😭😭😭😭😭and i dont have the battlepass
Nick Fleming
Nick Fleming Pred mesecem
John Brown
John Brown Pred mesecem
I would love an Ali-A Icon Series
Ali R
Ali R Pred mesecem
Look at the cape of shadow super man
Isaak Vlogs
Isaak Vlogs Pred mesecem
Has anyone else realize that when you pick up items it automatically short’s them
Krypt Pred mesecem
hey guys welcome to ali a youtube video where asid fated
nitya Pred mesecem
4:06 i love how he sees that vending machine and says its got nothing Actually that phonebooth was working But you dint complete your legendary quest thas why it showed some dialogue Allways complete your legendary quests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobsterGamer_2020 Pred mesecem
Hey ive been having a bad week😐 but when i watch your videos they make me laugh😂 thank you for being an amazing youtuber 🙂😄. - Bobby
Jaydon thomas Cooper
Jaydon thomas Cooper Pred mesecem
Use code alia and you will get a legendary weapon out of your next chest trust me it works even I have tried it so make shore pop in code alia in the item shop
Isaiah Kennon
Isaiah Kennon Pred mesecem
Ali-A my big brother hates Fortnite soooo much he uninstalled Fortnite on my Xbox and my internet is so bad I can't reinstall it😭
Gojninja77 Pred mesecem
I’m going live
That one random boi
That one random boi Pred mesecem
Do you have to be max level
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