This is *ILLEGAL*...! (Fortnite)

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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

Hamish McGowan
Hamish McGowan Pred mesecem
The legendary supressed pistol gave us ali-a's first trickshot
Iona McNaughton
Iona McNaughton Pred mesecem
Bowen Martini
Bowen Martini Pred mesecem
CrazyNut26 Pred mesecem
The suppressed pistol was in chapter 2 season 2
Idris Zahoor
Idris Zahoor Pred mesecem
ye lol
Spexs Pred mesecem
Ooh headshot
xlittlehugox Pred 8 dnevi
The suppressed was in chapter 2 season 2
Get Legit
Get Legit Pred 10 dnevi
Well you’re correct for slone betray us
Infernal Blade
Infernal Blade Pred 12 dnevi
6:15 yes please do
zDeFiRka Pred 15 dnevi
legendary ali-a intro is gone
66cracks 🔛 INSTAGRAM
66cracks 🔛 INSTAGRAM Pred 21 dnevom
👆👆recommended👆👆 Thanks for recovery my account,for being my biggest inspiration and my warmest supporter! You are a rare find, and I feel lucky to have you in my life! Thank you for being my constant!✅
66cracks 🔛 INSTAGRAM
66cracks 🔛 INSTAGRAM Pred 21 dnevom
👆👆recommended👆👆 Thanks for recovery my account,for being my biggest inspiration and my warmest supporter! You are a rare find, and I feel lucky to have you in my life! Thank you for being my constant!✅
name Pred 21 dnevom
The thumbnail look like he was on coke
Archbebs playz
Archbebs playz Pred 22 dnevi
Ali-A*s A*s A*s Me-"huge gasp" what was that Ali?
Marilee Johnson
Marilee Johnson Pred 23 dnevi
The what if marvel series was in the backround 8:25
Mark Lexam Roa
Mark Lexam Roa Pred 23 dnevi
I wish I could buy the controller but I don't have dollars I live in the Philippines:(
Pred 25 dnevi
I used to drop in shark when I played after a long time in season 4 and the loot I got was pretty decent
Luke V
Luke V Pred 26 dnevi
BombOfGames Pred 27 dnevi
Save The World Players: Thats normal to us 7:41
Xelody Pred 27 dnevi
What's the background music in 6:54
DarkCinemaGaming Pred 27 dnevi
Breh in the silencer is toooo OP
George A
George A Pred 27 dnevi
I love coral castle! How do you lot hate it!
Bekjdka The2nd ✔️
Bekjdka The2nd ✔️ Pred 27 dnevi
Every video I see is the mothership having no purple power thing
GNR MrNudle
GNR MrNudle Pred 28 dnevi
8:48 why does it look like me
Masterpiece Pred 28 dnevi
I have full kymaira like if u do to XD
Thomas Pred 28 dnevi
Ali-A there's a game called super animal Royale and it's on the PS4 you should check it out
snow team
snow team Pred 28 dnevi
Jbalvine 2 skin is from mha anime
The Kellanator
The Kellanator Pred 28 dnevi
I’m so angry cause my favorite Khmer’s upgrades are all of the max styles except for the eyes
Saphira Holdsworth
Saphira Holdsworth Pred 29 dnevi
My birthday day is September 4th
Carson Ponsell
Carson Ponsell Pred 29 dnevi
yea those two skins didnt already come
ŠXVNDE Pred 29 dnevi
That’s wrong cause the suppressed pistol actually came back in chapter 2 season 2
Jonah Goldenberg
Jonah Goldenberg Pred mesecem
Did anyone else notice that he pronounced gnome genome instead of nome.
Blacker Pred mesecem
9:30 Me: landing at sharks shell with my arena friend to get artifacts Artifacts: NO PLEASE DONT SPEND ME my artifacts at 100: No Me: meh 😑
Ivan Bozhidarov
Ivan Bozhidarov Pred mesecem
did ali a just say g bolvin
Nic endersby
Nic endersby Pred mesecem
Emma Key
Emma Key Pred mesecem
Your AWSOME ALI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CG Me Pred mesecem
5:24 was totally me 😂
Ricky Gaming Animations
Ricky Gaming Animations Pred mesecem
1:09 I kinda agree the game sorta became crossover addicted that it inside the battle pass.
Kringeworthykid Pred mesecem
7:40 the ar happend to me
Agoti Pred mesecem
My friend loves lux so shut up
bernardo santos
bernardo santos Pred mesecem
i want some off that contoller stuff
Pred mesecem
1:17 dude alia is revealed perv
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Pred mesecem
Here an idea the bear on the chair come become the mech or monster
Alfaaz Abdool
Alfaaz Abdool Pred mesecem
I been had the KontrolFreeks for like 3 years, I started with the thumbsticks, then the hand grips, and finally, the Controller rings and I got much much better with my ain
Adriana Alvarez
Adriana Alvarez Pred mesecem
i found 3 prop gun in io rick base
COOLGAMER6548 Pred mesecem
He said it😐
NS Alex
NS Alex Pred mesecem
Iol the shark had more chests than slurpy
BongoRuhn Pred mesecem
Your channel dead
Animeforever Gaming
Animeforever Gaming Pred mesecem
Wonder what the J balvin skeleton style would look like in the China version of fortnite
FireGamer Pred mesecem
OGR Acid
OGR Acid Pred mesecem
"J Bulvin" 💀💀
OGR Acid
OGR Acid Pred mesecem
Technically the suppressed pistol has been in the game. The exotic one lol.
OGR Acid
OGR Acid Pred mesecem
0:10 wouldnt u use one of the male skins instead?
09 Gj
09 Gj Pred mesecem
Remember I saw that me but she killed the other one
Celio Dos Santos
Celio Dos Santos Pred mesecem
Hi alia I showed my friend kontrol freek and he loves them thanks ps. do that come on switch
Cameron Burley
Cameron Burley Pred mesecem
The suppressed pistol wasn’t vaulted then cause they just took away the legendary suppressed variant
Donna James
Donna James Pred mesecem
I land at the shark very second match and get the dub.😍
Hilda Vera
Hilda Vera Pred mesecem
He said a bad word
Ashley Bounds
Ashley Bounds Pred mesecem
Wyd to lazerbeam
noel Blake
noel Blake Pred mesecem
MrTopOllie Pred mesecem
Ball vin lol
Felicia Wormley
Felicia Wormley Pred mesecem
I like corel
FireFox Pred mesecem
Lunch time!
FireFox Pred mesecem
Hmm 1:00 pm
FireFox Pred mesecem
Ok 9:00 at night
FireFox Pred mesecem
Why so dark
FireFox Pred mesecem
Wait 3:00
FireFox Pred mesecem
Time = 9:55
Mayra Tenorio
Mayra Tenorio Pred mesecem
j bolben me. ha
NoVaH FN Pred mesecem
Dude why the does the j balvin skin look like post malone
Odetta Barton- Sukhraj
Odetta Barton- Sukhraj Pred mesecem
I use Kontrol freek I guess I'm just bad
Kor Pred mesecem
6:48 “Clark Kennedy”
Alanzo Soberanis
Alanzo Soberanis Pred mesecem
SSSpinperwolf typing……
Sir Jiffy
Sir Jiffy Pred mesecem
Luxe definitely needs a style like that
NRG Medical
NRG Medical Pred mesecem
Will Smith Will Smith Will smith
Maria Carreiro
Maria Carreiro Pred mesecem
Love the vid Ali
A7hmad world
A7hmad world Pred mesecem
يا وسخ بنات ،. محرمات ، وساخة وفوق هذا يقولون لي أخذ الوجو منك وانا أخذه من غيرك
Pred mesecem
Ali could you make some more Pokémon content? I miss it…
Evie Kerys
Evie Kerys Pred mesecem
macoplayz Pred mesecem
That’s me and my friends strategy for playing tournaments we land there and nobody lands there and we get all those placement points
𝐈𝐬𝐚𝐚𝐜 𝐎𝐥𝐮𝐤𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐢
𝐈𝐬𝐚𝐚𝐜 𝐎𝐥𝐮𝐤𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐢 Pred mesecem
I know Ali-A from a TV show but I don't remember the name of the show.
lol dude
lol dude Pred mesecem
best vid wver
Levi Dean
Levi Dean Pred mesecem
Roisin Murphy
Roisin Murphy Pred mesecem
7:44 its edited look at the numbers
EriXsiin Pred mesecem
Ali-A collaboration with the legendary KFs!? 👀🔥👌
Andy Kain
Andy Kain Pred mesecem
i brought the mecha morty bundle with ur code
The Anoying Troll
The Anoying Troll Pred mesecem
I didn’t even know you still made Videos
Hi. Pred mesecem
I think I vaulted the pistol September 6th is my birthday so I made a birthday wish to get a weapon in fortnite vaulted 🤣🤣
MightyJonE Pred mesecem
Anyone remember when Ali used to do Fortnite challenges, such as “can I get 90 eliminations in 30 seconds blindfolded, using only a harvesting tool”? 😃 I miss those days!
Oliver Spider fan
Oliver Spider fan Pred mesecem
Thank you for the thing to improve I told my family and I have a PS5 to 😂 lol 😂 for free
Ass Ass
Ass Ass Pred mesecem
Play Minecraft
Claire Whittaker
Claire Whittaker Pred mesecem
800th coment
miguel Pred mesecem
J Balvin ❌ Jay Bolvon✅
Nikunj Kambodia
Nikunj Kambodia Pred mesecem
come on guys give ali a more love and hit the like button hes done so much for us i think we should at least a bit respectful of his artwork and helping us on the future
SSR Games
SSR Games Pred mesecem
it is there now for a weak i mean in its Sneaky gun week
Umer Playz
Umer Playz Pred mesecem
Btw legendary suppressed pistol was back in chapter 2 season 2
GamerboyRico Pred mesecem
Show drug utan
Frank Davis
Frank Davis Pred mesecem
I think Ali-A is @Blippi
Blitzzcobra Pred mesecem
I like how he seems genuine unlike his video from a few years ago
LaGayle Weeks
LaGayle Weeks Pred mesecem
Can they go on nintendo switch
bebosoccer Pred mesecem
SnayperLeon Pred mesecem
i gotta buy that will smith skill side note: there was a skin i wanted to get but at that time i was broke wont make the same mistake...
Christian Scuotto
Christian Scuotto Pred mesecem
throwback to Ali-a's 360 no scope with the legendary suppressed pistol
MaxGamz_ASOYT Pred mesecem
0:00 A meme was born
Leevi Yorke
Leevi Yorke Pred mesecem
Ali a is the best
Jack Hewitt
Jack Hewitt Pred mesecem
Ali-a can you please make another ark video plz they were the best
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