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Fortnite Live Event Top Secret Challenges - Complete!
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brandi pearsall
brandi pearsall Pred 11 dnevi
Are you already watch the live event😎
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Pred 12 dnevi
Who side is marigold side on
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Pred 13 dnevi
Why the abductor green
Dylan McKinniss
Dylan McKinniss Pred 15 dnevi
Dark_night88 Pred 16 dnevi
Meowcles is the boss of the mothership
Aarush Agrawal
Aarush Agrawal Pred 16 dnevi
Fun fact at 10:57 beluga used code Alia and his reply is shown wow who would have guessed
King animation
King animation Pred 17 dnevi
A happy naruto happy that naruto coming
Zaheer Rehman
Zaheer Rehman Pred 19 dnevi
Mewocles is the one controlling the mothership
Rudie Kraft
Rudie Kraft Pred 19 dnevi
The cat food I feel like is a hint to the movie district 9 an old movie about aliens in south africa it was extremely funny not gonna lie
Slender man The killer
Slender man The killer Pred 20 dnevi
I’m so addicted for season 😁😁8
Cillian Good child
Cillian Good child Pred 20 dnevi
Iatebigjill Pred 20 dnevi
do we have to do the quests to watch the event because i didn’t complete the slone quests pls respond
Stacy Stevens
Stacy Stevens Pred 21 dnevom
I am inside for the new event I play Fortnite
Andrew Rundle
Andrew Rundle Pred 21 dnevom
AK FARIS Pred 21 dnevom
My epic is abdullahrock4
Daily memes by jander
Daily memes by jander Pred 21 dnevom
You just posted cringe
Cluster Pred 21 dnevom
The mole is probably us
the meme gamer
the meme gamer Pred 21 dnevom
Wasn't joey on our side
Tomas Cordingley
Tomas Cordingley Pred 22 dnevi
I got rainbow
FPS Landon
FPS Landon Pred 22 dnevi
as sdic k
Flying ninjas
Flying ninjas Pred 22 dnevi
Ebro playz
Ebro playz Pred 22 dnevi
aliens love cat food joey mentioned it itself
Karoline Bowte
Karoline Bowte Pred 22 dnevi
I love fro rite
Dog go WOOF
Dog go WOOF Pred 22 dnevi
If we’re working for the IO then why do they shoot at us plz answer my question guys
Yes sir
Yes sir Pred 23 dnevi
Fun fact: I watch Shang chi today
Daniel Zaldivar
Daniel Zaldivar Pred 23 dnevi
Hunter Gatt
Hunter Gatt Pred 23 dnevi
Season 8 hype
DanFarrell98 Pred 23 dnevi
The cat food could be a reference to District 9?
DanFarrell98 Pred 23 dnevi
Where the heck is Agent Jones and The Foundation. They were so important to the story and have now just disappeared just as things were getting interesting
PopperPupGaming Pred 23 dnevi
I know who planted a bomb, your mom on the toilet
oliver phares
oliver phares Pred 23 dnevi
guys i think the mole is maven
bobert gaming
bobert gaming Pred 23 dnevi
Shang chi is already out
Brent and coconut
Brent and coconut Pred 23 dnevi
But what did docter slone say 👁👄👁
Riley Strube
Riley Strube Pred 23 dnevi
i hate life jk
Xx_EESA_xX Pred 23 dnevi
Xx_EESA_xX Pred 23 dnevi
Anissa Cherif
Anissa Cherif Pred 23 dnevi
Béluga 200
Anissa Cherif
Anissa Cherif Pred 23 dnevi
Bélouga 200
Monika Adindu
Monika Adindu Pred 23 dnevi
I think the mole is Sunny. She lituarrly made a song about them. BUT it could be kymera...
StarFiveHD Pred 24 dnevi
Plot twist: The leader of alien is meowscles (been my theory since like 2 months ago)
Havoc Pred 24 dnevi
The mole is maven
chocolate_puppie Pred 24 dnevi
The mole is maven
Andrew Skits
Andrew Skits Pred 24 dnevi
I stopped playing fortnite but ALIA helped me play it
SamCraft Playz
SamCraft Playz Pred 24 dnevi
1:01 I never new that Beluga used code AliA LOL
Daryl heyes
Daryl heyes Pred 24 dnevi
Marigold is an alien
Pred 24 dnevi
bro the mothership is slow
ingrid davies
ingrid davies Pred 24 dnevi
Hcho kindled hmm🎹🎙🎛🎹🎙🎙🎚🎛🎛🎺🎛🎶🎸🖨🖱💽
ingrid davies
ingrid davies Pred 24 dnevi
G chunk go big
Jake Morton
Jake Morton Pred 24 dnevi
They like cat food because in a movie called district 9 the aliens love cat food
Sonof _anutcracke
Sonof _anutcracke Pred 24 dnevi
Your old start video is on Snapchat
Jan Smith
Jan Smith Pred 24 dnevi
Can't wait for new season and it on a Sunday so if your a kid like me no school
Somee D'Or
Somee D'Or Pred 24 dnevi
my mane is deamerydaa in fortnite
Amaal Hezam
Amaal Hezam Pred 24 dnevi
i love your vids
daniellej55 Pred 24 dnevi
DogeKing2011 Pred 24 dnevi
Guys no one else realised that beluga said code Ali a
Diamond gamer
Diamond gamer Pred 24 dnevi
I think alone is the mole because she will destroy the mothership and the base
Shlorg Pred 24 dnevi
joe mama
Humayun Kabir
Humayun Kabir Pred 24 dnevi
Classix Pred 24 dnevi
What happened to being a COD youtuber?
Diamond bull dog 653
Diamond bull dog 653 Pred 24 dnevi
helllllppp i need v bux
cuddle Bear852
cuddle Bear852 Pred 24 dnevi
i go to Church on sunday
Gaming P3nguin
Gaming P3nguin Pred 24 dnevi
Gaming P3nguin
Gaming P3nguin Pred 24 dnevi
Pls sub
Harr1son0 Pred 24 dnevi
Just picked up the henchman bundle with your code :)
•søftchillî• Pred 24 dnevi
Claim your * i say beluga in the shoutouts * ticket here
Canuckplays Pred 24 dnevi
That spectating thing is not a glitch when people die from like fall damage or something the game picks someone for them to spectate
ProFire4 Pred 24 dnevi
Yea siiiiirrrrrrrr!!!!!!
kid Neymar
kid Neymar Pred 24 dnevi
Did u guys notice Kevin the tube in the Ariana grande concert in Fortnite
Bobby Dillon
Bobby Dillon Pred 24 dnevi
Whoah I cant wait for the live event and your stream so we can all share the live event together Im hyped for the new season. Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fortnitepro Pred 24 dnevi
You don't have problem
immortal order
immortal order Pred 24 dnevi
I saw the countdown in my game but I didn't think much of it. I saw it in reply.
Total Gaming
Total Gaming Pred 24 dnevi
""""" Let's pray for those children who doesn't have their parents they are real legend""""💖💖💖💖
Jennifer Klinger
Jennifer Klinger Pred 23 dnevi
@Monika Adindu oh dang they got ligma...
Monika Adindu
Monika Adindu Pred 23 dnevi
POV:you gave a Child to someone else
liam Hughes
liam Hughes Pred 24 dnevi
Play pokemon go again
Jose Pred 24 dnevi
dino_sprays Pred 24 dnevi
If or when the mothership crashes onto the island if might break the glass of the io base in imposters
Faze Tyran
Faze Tyran Pred 24 dnevi
Hi alia are you excited for the new season
Scott and Dee Crownover
Scott and Dee Crownover Pred 24 dnevi
There is a sign in courtney complex
Zachhmmm Pred 24 dnevi
I saw the timer for the event thing last video, though I was loosing my mind. I thought it was a glitch.
Kenzzl-solo Pred 24 dnevi
Naruto comes out of the rift and then help fight the the mothership and then come on to the battle pass naruto will help up defeat the mothership at season 8 event theory from me so if it come true please credit me
Maurice O'Donovan
Maurice O'Donovan Pred 24 dnevi
Theory the aliens are the seven
Maurice O'Donovan
Maurice O'Donovan Pred 24 dnevi
@beluga did anyone else spot him
Penney Moore
Penney Moore Pred 24 dnevi
The Mole is Human Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zarin Tasneem
Zarin Tasneem Pred 24 dnevi
Who else saw Fortnite's story and was waiting for alia's vids Nobody? Just me ok
spixus Pred 24 dnevi
Season 8 woohoo
naveen shah
naveen shah Pred 24 dnevi
It's gonna be sick im too excited
takingbacknate Pred 24 dnevi
I am level 198
yungdaggerdick Pred 24 dnevi
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍بس اطفي الاغاني
Jo Fenton
Jo Fenton Pred 24 dnevi
Do you know what time the live event is because I really want to see the live event
Preston Phillips
Preston Phillips Pred 24 dnevi
Hi Ali-a do you know if the imagine order is evil?🤔
hammad hussain
hammad hussain Pred 24 dnevi
The countdown of the live event is in game
Arainn Godd
Arainn Godd Pred 24 dnevi
gioVANNI vh
gioVANNI vh Pred 24 dnevi
Ali go to marigold you will see that you can "delete" her disguise and you will see she is a alien
AlexProsser2 Pred 24 dnevi
You know the event is in 4 days not a few weeks lol
Pred 24 dnevi
10:55 : is that the real beluga?
Enderpro Pred 24 dnevi
3:18 if we are SO bad then why did our boss loop herself JUST to help us
Leni Pretorius
Leni Pretorius Pred 24 dnevi
Yojan Garcia
Yojan Garcia Pred 24 dnevi
My game crashed Ali-A so take your gaming if you play as long as you can please tell me that if yours happened to me I don't know where I couldn't see my game and it just nothing happened so it's even happening when I logged out on my PS4
Ameer Rehani
Ameer Rehani Pred 24 dnevi
I wish someone will ever gift me in my dreams😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 I was trying to get a gift for 9 seasons
waafu jones
waafu jones Pred 24 dnevi
Used code Ali a in item store BOSS ZPATEL is my user
Bill Deb Torres
Bill Deb Torres Pred 24 dnevi
I planted the bom to!
Catherine Parker Heath
Catherine Parker Heath Pred 24 dnevi
how long is it till the event
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