Who's the *IMPOSTOR*? (Fortnite)

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Fortnite impostors LTM - by Epic Games!
► impostors LTM info - www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en...
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Ali-A Pred mesecem
Hit "like" or you're sus
bharichie Pred 6 dnevi
Aiden Jenkins
Aiden Jenkins Pred 8 dnevi
S Buddy go off TOW
Aiden Jenkins
Aiden Jenkins Pred 8 dnevi
@Ur Mum ‘]
Aiden Jenkins
Aiden Jenkins Pred 8 dnevi
Unspeakable has 10 million subscribers
Aiden Jenkins
Aiden Jenkins Pred 8 dnevi
Hey do you know what Alyea you are all truth you only have 2000 subscribers 2000 Preston her 10 million subscribers
Lucka Play
Lucka Play Pred 6 dnevi
you are sus you are sussy baka
Lucka Play
Lucka Play Pred 6 dnevi
im not sus bc i hit like and sub im not sus
charlene Mcneillie
charlene Mcneillie Pred 7 dnevi
Definitely fun to play
Aiden Jenkins
Aiden Jenkins Pred 8 dnevi
Do you have a TickTock if you don’t then do you have a
Aiden Jenkins
Aiden Jenkins Pred 8 dnevi
I don’t trust TOW
Aiden Jenkins
Aiden Jenkins Pred 8 dnevi
Don’t trust you twTOW
Aiden Jenkins
Aiden Jenkins Pred 8 dnevi
Pink are you
Aiden Jenkins
Aiden Jenkins Pred 8 dnevi
It’s either five or 10 or one or two or three
Toy Bonnie66
Toy Bonnie66 Pred 9 dnevi
7:13 It's the guy from FNAF
Ryrygamers Pred 12 dnevi
As soon as I get imposter as soon as the game loads I'm voted out
Stephen Razo
Stephen Razo Pred 14 dnevi
alia is the janitor
Trim Tab
Trim Tab Pred 16 dnevi
Martyn Murphy
Martyn Murphy Pred 18 dnevi
I’m not sus
DoodlyDude Pred 22 dnevi
they should've called the game mode "sussy bakas"
Nabil Khan
Nabil Khan Pred 23 dnevi
Can you please make more Videos of the game mode I love these.
Tom The Half Dem0n
Tom The Half Dem0n Pred 23 dnevi
DAWKO IS IN IT :) :): :) :)
Danielle Reynolds
Danielle Reynolds Pred 25 dnevi
You are on fortnite vid
Nikoemil Pred 26 dnevi
Did he filter the original name so you can’t say it in the comments??
Future marine
Future marine Pred 22 dnevi
What was it name
Mauventures Pred 27 dnevi
Wow nice!
julien torres
julien torres Pred 28 dnevi
Am I the only one trying to look for a bad comment?
Ardee A
Ardee A Pred 29 dnevi
Sorry for accidentally dislike i switched it to a like. So so sorry
Monke Pred mesecem
Fortnite impostors in real life ending was a technoblade moment
sherry arnold
sherry arnold Pred mesecem
Because i watch all three
sherry arnold
sherry arnold Pred mesecem
I didn't know you postboxpat and dawko knew each other
haaspaas2 Pred mesecem
bad video
Ninik Rahman
Ninik Rahman Pred mesecem
BRO!1!11! fardnite makibg amoggus copie??💀🥶👎 ded gaem 🥶🥶👎👎
Wxcuber Pred mesecem
I like you vids
JamesTheGoo Pred mesecem
Ali-A calling me sus is only one thing of the checklist of things that need to happen in my lifespan.
John Lai
John Lai Pred mesecem
It really just looks like an Among Us Ripoff but I hope everyone enjoys the new Imposters mode.
Jack gaming
Jack gaming Pred mesecem
gabryel-steve Lacroix
gabryel-steve Lacroix Pred mesecem
I believe marius is the impostor
Christian Joyner
Christian Joyner Pred mesecem
It was DJ yonder did he not see him
Harrison Lwenje
Harrison Lwenje Pred mesecem
D adverbs Cheswick qwerty qwerty wet etc wc we x c DC e DC r dcdcdcdc ex DC f da dnnn gray
vorwitzige Melone
vorwitzige Melone Pred mesecem
Pred mesecem
MIA stands for missing in action MIA is used to describe members of the armed forces who do not return from a military operation but who are not known to have been killed or captured. MIA is an abbreviation for 'missing in action'. [mainly US] He was listed as MIA. An MIA is someone who is missing in action.
Rajan Mann
Rajan Mann Pred mesecem
Ali a play more fortnite don’t always say secrets about the map
FireFox Pred mesecem
I can't play fortnite anymore but I like the video I I subed and liked I ain't sus
Gitika Ahuja
Gitika Ahuja Pred mesecem
Alia hi I’m RanveerOMG I was playing with you when you finish your vid you were playing fortnite imposter you were gold Rick
Water Shark
Water Shark Pred mesecem
I'm so happy to see Dawko playing there!
Pred mesecem
ItzKingxD2 Pred mesecem
Stolen from Among Us even no collab
The gren gren animating show
The gren gren animating show Pred mesecem
I use ur code but can't load the image
Itss Con
Itss Con Pred mesecem
Lucky Gamer
Lucky Gamer Pred mesecem
Ali fake tasking while you can do actual tasks as imposter XD
tyler-josh bullivant
tyler-josh bullivant Pred mesecem
My name in fortnite is tyler-JOO2
TJSTYLER 78 Pred mesecem
Here we go again.... fortnite is yet again ripping off and milking another game.
SnayperLeon Pred mesecem
hey guys i bought the snake eyes skin and used a galactic back-bling (i think thats what its called) and he's looking sus
PeaceLoveMakeupLover Pred mesecem
i sud
Pred mesecem
9:58 look at the time left sheeeeeesh
Pred mesecem
question what was ali-a drinking???
Muhammad Almas
Muhammad Almas Pred mesecem
i just think that ali a should join the sidemen
jensen Pred mesecem
Ali didn't you play with dawko
syxusty Pred mesecem
When the fortnite game is sus
Pred mesecem
Ali a hear
sultan alzag
sultan alzag Pred mesecem
i came from nought video lol
JJPUGGY Pred mesecem
You know the room that is sealed with like yellow ish and orange ish color coming out I think the prisoner is in there.
HaydensEpicGaming1 Pred mesecem
YashasviK29 Pred mesecem
Drinking game, take a shot for every time alia says sus
Stephen Long
Stephen Long Pred mesecem
ICY B Pred mesecem
Reiyxz Pred mesecem
Every masterpiece has a ultra cheap copy
Hamster H
Hamster H Pred mesecem
Abigail Rios Lizarraga
Abigail Rios Lizarraga Pred mesecem
Wen thi imposter is sus mmmhhh
Abi Abi
Abi Abi Pred mesecem
Super Foxy Films
Super Foxy Films Pred mesecem
Micah Pred mesecem
U should do more of these. It was a banger
Garrett Ivey
Garrett Ivey Pred mesecem
I watched dawko’s video and i thought it was so cool you guys colabed
cheeseballs Pred mesecem
Rizalina Santiago
Rizalina Santiago Pred mesecem
When fortnite copies it..
Frosti Pred mesecem
my man
Ember power
Ember power Pred mesecem
Just when I thought we had seen the back of among us...
StupidMarioBros Pred mesecem
Every masterpiece has its cheap copy.
Buck Stedman
Buck Stedman Pred mesecem
I don't think it should tell you when you eliminate if they are imposter or not. For 1, u just shouldn't know just like not knowing from the start. And 2, not knowing if there's 1 left or 2 completely changes the game
TheProjectionist31 Pred mesecem
Never expected dawko to be in a Ali a video
PansexualGender 06
PansexualGender 06 Pred mesecem
jesus christ you're trying too hard...
NÖT_B0YFR13ND Pred mesecem
When Ali-A is sus
Tali lifshits
Tali lifshits Pred mesecem
0:32 HeaRe
Suriya S
Suriya S Pred mesecem
man said e lum
Suriya S
Suriya S Pred mesecem
u pronounce it L M
Jeanette pei pei
Jeanette pei pei Pred mesecem
Yo ali A?
Jeanette pei pei
Jeanette pei pei Pred mesecem
Among us is dead, fortnite is dead and cringe too
Osyrus Alpha
Osyrus Alpha Pred mesecem
I’m gonna go play among us
fish. Pred mesecem
Yohanna Barandiaran
Yohanna Barandiaran Pred mesecem
alia are you real because if you are real i am your biggest fan
Yohanna Barandiaran
Yohanna Barandiaran Pred mesecem
alia i play imposter but i am the imposter 3 days ago alia i was the imposter wen i was playing imposter the first game from i was the lmposter bro i like Fortnite
Oilsib The Noobㅤ
Oilsib The Noobㅤ Pred mesecem
Epic cringe
Poggers DuDe
Poggers DuDe Pred mesecem
Vikkstar’s first time he’s playing Fortnite
David Anthoniussen
David Anthoniussen Pred mesecem
Im trying to stop ragin
R4INY Pred mesecem
Of course CALL OF DUTY made an impostor mode and FORKNIFE had to copy them But im not gonna lie the mode looks fun
Posif Cool
Posif Cool Pred mesecem
Every masterpiece has it's cheap copy
Alfyris Pred mesecem
Agent P
Agent P Pred mesecem
Fortnite when they lose popularity, *sus*
Doctor Pred mesecem
lol cringe
Dark_Gamer52 Pred mesecem
that dance at the end made my day
Victor Ivanov
Victor Ivanov Pred mesecem
The letters in the battle bus are request to go back to og map 😂🤣😭😤
Xavier Zeno
Xavier Zeno Pred 21 dnevom
TTGGTT Pred mesecem
PipSaSqeak Pred mesecem
How low must Fortnite go to blatantly copy another game to stay relevant, then get a washed out sell out youtuber Ali-A to advertise it?
MerasmusPlays Pred mesecem
Every masterpiece has its cheap copy.
Nurul Amin
Nurul Amin Pred mesecem
4:32 Wait what!!!?? Dawko plays with ALI-A!?!
Robert Aguilar
Robert Aguilar Pred mesecem
Chupapi chill oh wait for sure not sus
The L Cc
The L Cc Pred mesecem
IT'S A FISH Pred mesecem
quite sussy amogus, fardnite drip!1!!111!
Cock and ball torture gaming
Cock and ball torture gaming Pred mesecem
met gala
emma chamberlain
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met gala
emma chamberlain
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